A taste of Buenos Aires – Argentina

March, 2011

Like many other big cities, unfriendly and grotty, stay in Buenos Aires as long as you have to; didn’t feel particularly unsafe here just felt it was too expensive for what was offered. However, many will disagree I’m sure.

I guess Buenos Aires serves a purpose, which is a stop-off point to other areas of Argentina but also has attractions like the Recoletta, Tango demos (brilliant freebie on a Sunday at San Telmo markets), sites, museums, and steak! Think 4 to 5 days is tops here and you’ll be ready to move on to the more spectacular scenery Argentina offers.

Buenos Aires: sultry Tango - San Telmo Markets

Sultry Tango – San Telmo Markets

Both Tango and Spanish lessons are expensive here so if you’re on a budget, doubt you’ll partake in either. Instead, download Coffee Break Spanish and Mark and Cara will have you on your merry way to speaking fluent Spanish in no time (yeah right). All jokes aside, this is a great way to learn the language, especially filling in the long hours of a bus journey here…and there are many long journeys!

Buenos Aires :Recoletta cemetery

Recoletta Cemetery

The Hostal Parada (AR$160 Dbl) offered a good room with ensuite, which included a breakfast of help-yourself croissants, tea, and coffee. There’s also a kitchen with minimal utensils so you can cook a basic meal if you so desire; baggage storage; and very friendly accommodating staff (extremely helpful when I arrived in BA without my backpack). Rooms are cleaned and fresh towels provided each day. Although the area the hostel is in (Rivadavia “Centro”) is a little seedy; it’s only a short walk to all the main attractions.

BA is inundated with loads of good restaurants and cafes all offering wonderful food, you won’t starve here. Lingering over a hot café seems to be the Argentinian way. Not being chased out of the restaurant as soon as you’ve finished your café is refreshing! Don’t forget to try a steak while you’re here, it’s a must and legendary! Walked past a couple of vegetarian restaurants as well but these are not common in BA.

Next stop is only an 18-hour long bus trip to Puerto Madryn – not looking forward to this at all. The overnight bus trips are tiring as I can never sleep, no matter how comfortable the seat is…

Visit my Nilla’s Photography Argentina Gallery for more images. More posts on Argentina at Image Earth Travel.

Buenos Aires: street buskers

Buenos Aires Locals

4 thoughts on “A taste of Buenos Aires – Argentina

  1. Well, I am in Finland, but I can change my IP-address by using this program:

    F-Secure Freedome VPN.

    Normally I want look at some great series direct from Germany and using this program it is possible. First I started to use it in my tablet, but nowadays also in my pc. Sometimes I watch Brazilian TV also just to learn more Portuguese. This thus helps language learning.

    Have a great start of new week.

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    • Ahh, that makes sense. I’ve had many views yesterday in WP from Germany and none from Finland and wondering why Finland wasn’t in my stats – I suspected as much 🙂 I’ve used Tunnel Bear in some countries.

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  2. Wonderful travel report. Did You knew that in Finland we still dance Tangos and have every summer Tango Festival? Our Tango differ from Argentinian Tango. We have in summer various amount of outdoor dance halls. People dance there close to each other. I think that this might be great experience for a tourist.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your kind words!

      No I didn’t know about Tango dancing or summer Tango festivals in Finland. Thank you for sharing this with me and if I ever return, I would love to go to one of these festivals. I love watching this type of dancing – so much passion and drama not only in their bodies but also facial expressions!

      Are you in Finland at the moment or in Germany?


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