Four days at sea – Life onboard Navimag

May, 2011

We left Puerto Natales around 07:30’ish with our breakfast served at 8am. Sailed through some gorgeous scenery but the best was yet to come!

Life on the water revolves around food, sleep, and scenery. Meal times are understandably regimented (3 times per day); but sleep and scenery aren’t. The food was better than expected (not A la Carte dining, but tasty and enough to satisfy any sea air hunger).

As it was out-of-season, this trip didn’t offer the usual activities, various walks, and ferry stops. But we did receive extremely informative lectures once a day from Percy and Chris…excellent presenters and they both know their stuff! This trip only stopped at Puerto Eden for a couple of hours but we were unable to get off the ferry. However, the scenery was incredible and surreal! The early morning’s low light revealed a thick fog that wisped and curled around the fjords and small houses, hugging everything in its path. Although this tiny fishing village is around 6,000 years old, about 160 inhabitants live here, and the village is only reached by boat; no roads in/out and no airport…completely isolated. I’m told the people live here for free as the government pays for everything.

Chile: Stunning scenery through the Patagonian Fjords

Through the Patagonian Fjords

The ferry sailed out of Pt. Eden snaking through the incredible fjords as the fog thickened above the pond-still icy water…it was like gliding through clouds; trance-like and mystical, and a feast for the eyes! The whole day held this shrouded dreamlike backdrop for us, it was as if the fog was wrapping and drawing the ferry in a cloak of mystic white; totally captivating. Percy mentioned he’d never seen this passage fogged…he’d completed this trip 29 times this year!


Chile: Puerto Eden

Puerto Eden

Our third day through the fjords was grey, rain, and freezing cold. Apart from the desperate smokers, most passengers stayed indoors all day; lucky we experienced 2 glorious days previously.

Arrived at Pt. Montt around 04:30 and they started unloading the trucks; had breakfast early as we had to disembark by 08:00. We all piled into the Navimag bus, which drove a couple of minutes to the Navimag Ferry office, still situated at the terminal…shortest bus trip in South America yet, funny!

Turned right at the terminal entrance and walked about 500 metres to the bus station for the 6-hour bus trip north to Pucón (CH$7600).

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