Taman Negara to Jerantut – Central Malaysia

April, 2014

The bus from Taman Negara to Jerantut (RM25) dropped us about 2 Kms out of Jerantut off the highway, where another mini bus collected us and took us to our hotel door.

The trip took about 3 hours. A very strange set-up as when purchasing the tickets, this part of the trip was not communicated so we expected to be dropped off at the bus station in Jerantut.

The Wau Hotel (RM90= DBL,  Air-con, bathroom, toiletries, basic breakfast) is clean and comfortable. The owner is extremely hospitable and friendly, and even arranged for his friend to take us to the train station for free.

This hotel is in China Town and is a 15min walk to the bus station and a 20min walk to the train station.

Jerantut: Middle Earth hotel

Love the name of this hotel (2014)!

Much preferred this area of Jerantut as it’s more ‘local’ than around the bus station area, which is also quite busy. The people in Jerantut are amongst the friendliest and accommodating in Malaysia so far.

Malaysia: Jerantut Railway Station

Jerantut Railway Station (2014)

This town is used as a one-night stopover as everyone is in a hurry to get to the jungle. My thought is that the guide books and reviews don’t do Jerantut justice as it’s the people that make this town not the sites.

The Blue Sky Food & Beverage (Sungai Jan, 27000 Jerantut) is an excellent place to eat (no alcohol served) and very inexpensive (2 chicken Mee soups plus 2 cans of drink cost RM12).

The owner Steve and his wife hand-make Mee (noodles) in front of you then cook these up in a wonderful chicken soup. This is the only restaurant around that makes Bak Kut Teah (“meat bone tea”), which basically is meaty pork ribs simmered in a complex broth of herbs and spices for hours; it’s delicious and cheap at the Blue Sky!

The owners go out of their way to be hospitable, as an example, we got little local treats (free) to try each time we visited – very kind.

Malaysia: Jerantut local food

Local stall with lashings of pork (2014)


There are many good cheap Chinese restaurants offering Malay and Chinese cuisine along the same road as the Wau Hotel. Try a couple of these, you won’t be disappointed.
Tip: when ordering a coffee or tea in Malaysia, ask for no sugar as typically, this is made with sweetened condensed milk and then lots of added sugar. If ordering a fresh juice, a lot of sugar is added (couple of generous tablespoons, sometimes more), so you may want to hold off the sugar here also!

Often, it’s hard to find some where to drop-off laundry as the guide books no longer mention this necessity for those travelling more than a week or two – apparently travellers no longer need to wash clothes!

Pusat Dobi Pelanggi (PT7578, Jalan Kuantan) charged RM12 for 4kgs of washing and drying. I’m not sure if this was the best price in town but when it’s sweltering outside, the desire to hunt for the best price wanes for the desire to sit in air-con and sip on an iced-cold beverage. The laundry was returned in good condition and smelling fresh, so no complaints.


After a short stint in Jerantut, decided to head north-east on the 8-hour train to Wakaf Bharu then on to Kota Bharu.

Visit my Nilla’s Photography Malaysia Gallery for more images. More blogs on Malaysia.

Malaysia: Jerantut political street grafitti

The only political graffiti I saw in Malaysia (2014)

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