Burma’s Bagan to Inle Lake

July, 2014

Travelling from Bagan to Inle Lake and exploring this 22-kilometre long lake, and incredibly beautiful region in the centre of Burma, will leave you longing for more time here…

Inle Lake, Myanmar, Burma


The Princess bus from Bagan to Inle (tourist price is 11,000K) leaves at 07:30 hrs and arrives mid-afternoon, but this depends on whether there are any issues along the way.

You can also catch an overnight bus but as the roads are pretty bad and typically, there’s either loud Burmese TV or music blaring, which you can’t turn off, you won’t be sleeping.

You must be ready for pick-up at your hotel from 06:30 hrs. A small covered pick-up truck arrives for the drive around the endless Bagan hotels until the vehicle is rammed full with other passengers and luggage before continuing onto the out-of-town bus station.

Burma in 28 days!


It appeared that our bus was overbooked and 2 Scottish guys had to sit on small stools in the middle of the aisle. Not great, considering they paid the premium tourist price for the tickets and the locals pay a quarter of the ticket but got seats – a very long trip to be sitting in a bus aisle!

Entry Fee on arrival

The entrance fee for the Inle Zone is USD$10 or €10 and valid for one week only. Although, if you want to pay in the local Burmese currency, the government has this all sewn up, so that you actually pay more than the US or Euro cost. The majority (or total) of each entrance fee in Myanmar goes to the government, but of course there’s no corruption.




Inle Lake is densely inhabited by many different local tribes and it’s very easy to cycle around or take a boat trip down this spectacular lake.

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake

Hard labour

Day Cycling and Lake Crossing

All hotels, most restaurants, and booking agencies hire bicycles (2,000K per day). Depending on how energetic you’re feeling and if you want to cross the lake, you can cycle either way of the bicycle route.

Starting from the boat landing bridge in Nuang Shwe, head west on the bitumen road for gorgeous rural vistas and rustic farming methods dating back centuries; like stepping back in time!

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake, herder

Traditional methods

The cycle to the Hot Spa (US$8 entry) is about 10 kilometres and from there, it’s about 20 minutes to Kuang Dein, which is where you’ll be approached by young and old locals that own a boat; and anxious to take you across the Lake for a price (low season 6,000K). But before Kuang Dein and about 2 kilometres after the Hot Springs, there’s a local market worth a stop for photos.

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake, transport

Hard day’s work over

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake, temple

Nuang Shwe

Apart from crossing this beautiful ink-black expanse of water, which changes colours depending on the time of day and the sky’s condition, this quick boat ride provides glimpses of the floating villages and vegetable gardens at Mine Thauk. A taste of better things to come on the full day boat trip.

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake, fisherman

Lake visiting

Once across the lake, stop and walk the half-kilometre Mine Thauk rickety wooden bridge, which runs through parts of the floating vegetable garden.

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake

Lake home among floating tomato garden

The leisurely but uncomfortably bumpy cycle back north, passes the Red Mountain Winery into town and will take you about 2 hours (not sure of the actual distance). Stop at the winery (open until 18:00 hrs) for some wine tasting – four different wine tastes for 2,000K, or why not buy a bottle?

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake

Overlooking the Inle Valley from the winery

From the winery it’s about a half-hour cycle back into town but beware, the bitumen road resembles a cracked tarred moon crater. You won’t be cycling the next day due to a sore backside!

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake

Lake roads

The scenery in the wet season is stunning providing fluorescent greens contrasting a deep blue and cloudy sky – a photographer’s delight.

Day Boat Trip

Wow, what a fantastic and excellent day!

A one-day boat trip with Inle Lake Boat Trip Services (09 30381520 – Aye speaks English) costs 25,000K.

Try to secure a boat trip from the town’s bridge (or wait only minutes until you’re approached) the day before, as leaving it until the morning will only waste time and create more stress.

Aim to leave around 05:00-05:30 hrs to avoid the masses of tourists along the way. Tried to make sunrise but apart from the cloud cover, we left a little too late.

Depending on what you negotiate, most boats provide the same itinerary as follows:

Lake Fishermen

Glimpse the Lake’s fishermen incredibly balanced on one leg on the bow of their canoe whilst the other leg paddles the oar whilst also steering the canoe, and hands casting or retrieving the net!

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake, fisherman

Traditional fisherman

If you ask your boat driver to see the famous basket fisherman, you will pay 500K directly to the ‘staged’ fisherman situated just outside of the town’s entrance.

This guy is purely for tourists and will perform several robotic poses with his basket for you to photograph – everyone has to make a living. This same fisherman has probably starred in a million tourist photos, thus far!

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake, fisherman

Pristine-clothed fisherman

Floating vegetable garden

Next stop is the floating vegetable garden, which defies farming conventions – hydroponics on a mammoth scale.

Thaung Tho market

These Shan markets are bustling with locals eager to buy or sell bargains, produce, and pretty much everything; a scattering of cows and ancient-looking carts provide great backdrops. Walk up to the Thaung Tho Pagoda if you feel the urge but I found the markets much more intriguing for people watching, especially the colourful head-dress donned by the Shan women, contrasted by their black attire.

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake, markets

Vegetable seller

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake, markets

Market day

Lotus and Silk weaving

Educational and fascinating – such a slow process with a small scarf taking 2 days to weave by hand.

Cigar making

Cigars are handmade as is almost everything in Myanmar and you’re offered a cigar to smoke. Mine was a mix of rose and aniseed, and very different to a normal cigar. Apart from the glue that the women cigar makers use, everything else is natural.

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake, cigar

Cigar makers

Boat building

The boat building is at the same stop as the cigar making. Witness a 45’ Teak boat built with hand saws, chisels, which still uses a skill dating back hundreds of years. One boat takes 4 men one month to build and the boat sells for USD$2,500. A smaller boat sells for USD$800.

Gold and silver making

Loads of jewellery to choose from should you wish to indulge and quite touristy.

Umbrella making

The art of umbrella making also includes wood-turning with a machine of the handle, which probably dates back hundreds of years as the technique hasn’t changed much.

Padaung ladies

The 4 neck-ringed Padaung ladies were purely for tourists and quite disappointing. I expected to see these locals in a more natural and candid setting, and it’s just like these ladies are on show.

Jumping Cat Monastery

The Nga Phe Kyaung provides a pictorial history of Buddha’s inception, which is informative and the wooden building is quite serene.

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake, monks

Nga Phe Kyaung (Jumping Cat Monastery)

Throughout the day, the boat whizzes past weaving in and out of the most amazing scenery on the lake, which is surrounded by the stunning Shan Hills (Shan Highland). But for me, more fascinating are the floating villages, which includes Pagodas, schools, shops, and everything the villages require. All locals living here use the Lake as their lifeline: bathing, teeth cleaning, dish and clothes washing, and much more.

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake, haridresser

Market hairdresser

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake, markets

Fresh delicious treats!

 Throughout the day, at all these tourists shops you will be pressured into buying something and MasterCard is accepted everywhere (commission charged).

Ultimately, the day is crammed with activities and memorable scenery, which changes constantly throughout the day. Make the effort to take one of these amazing trips.

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake


Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake

Market delivery


This region offers many walks and treks (day, overnight, or several days).

Shop around for the best price as many hotels and booking agencies can organise everything for you…at a price. Walked east from town in search of the Htut Aing Cave but after running into the same Monk house from several different dirt paths and being turned back each time, gave up and walked back into town for a cold drink.

Although it’s the wet season, it’s still very hot and muggy. You’ll break into mountains of sweat just by walking half a kilometre, so always carry loads of water, wear sunscreen and a hat.

Also along this path is a small village with a school full of children and very young Monks; they are fun to stop and play with for a while and quite cheeky!

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake, children

School friends

Photographic Gallery

Kyaw Kyaw Win, a Civil Engineer, Documentary Film Director, exhibit’s in his Gallery 19 (No. 19, Shwe Chan Thar St, 09:00-17:00 – free entry) many photographs of the country. Kyaw’s photos provides an insight to areas we as foreigners are not allowed to travel to and see; must re-visit Myanmar when greater access to areas is available.


Hotel Brilliant (Ayetharyar Main Way Road, Kantaw Village)
Warning! A long rave about this hotel as it’s amazing! The best quality hotel so far in four months of travelling in SE Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma) and has restored my faith in Burma’s hotels and service.

Shan, Burma, Myanmar

Shan headdress


The service from all staff here is exceptional!

We booked 4 nights with Agoda and stayed 6 nights as basically didn’t want to leave or spend extra nights in Yangon. Loved this hotel so much as it felt like coming home every day, after an exhausting day in the heat and rain exploring the Lake region.

When we first arrived, it was late in the afternoon, the staff took our heavy back packs to the room. We were given information of the Lake and a map then led to the dining room for fresh fruits, 4 different snacks, and a pot of green tea. Each afternoon at around 16:00, complimentary fresh fruit arrived, which is lovely and refreshing to have on the patio overlooking the well-manicured gardens.

The breakfast is excellent quality (varied each day) with real coffee! Actually, we missed breakfast one morning as had a 5:30am start for the sunrise boat trip. The day before I’d mentioned to the lady at reception that we’d be missing their delicious breakfast. When we returned late in the afternoon, room service came with a delicious bowl of complimentary Shan noodle soup that they’d saved for us from breakfast as well as our afternoon fruit (didn’t need dinner)!

The accommodation provides a large comfortable, spotless room (cleaned daily) and bathroom with everything you need. The Brilliant is about a 20-minute flat walk from town but this is not a problem as you’re provided with free bicycles, which can be used at any time.

We requested a late checkout as our overnight bus to Yangon didn’t leave until later in the evening. After a leisurely check-out at 15:00, we were able to sit in reception, use the wi-fi, watch TV, and staff even served us afternoon fruits! Exceptional value for money (low season) and would definitely recommend this hotel to everyone, no hesitation – the experience is wonderful.


Tried several places during the 6-night stay and must say that these restaurants are worth revisiting:

  • The French Touch (from the boat bridge, walk a couple of blocks on main road, you’ll see an orange sign on your right) for its freshly baked bread with Caraway seeds; best bread in Myanmar! Croissants are also excellent. The ambience here is relaxing and meals are offered at a slightly higher price than usual but the quality is very good. The French owner is a photographer/film maker and the restaurant’s walls are covered in gorgeous photos of the country – there’s also a free documentary film showing each night around 19:00.
  • The Live Dim Sum House (No 43, Yone Gyi Rd) is exceptional for local meals (1,500+K) and of course their freshly in-house made Dim Sums (1,000+K); oh, and a Mandalay Rum shot is only 300K! Quality, service, and reasonable prices made this a regular haunt.

Inle to Yangon

Flight back to Bangkok is from Yangon so the Hotel Brilliant organised the overnight JJ Express Bus (20,000K) to Yangon.

The bus leaves at 18:45 hrs and takes about 11 hours. Although the bus is very good, be prepared for roads that are in pretty bad condition, locals that don’t travel well so there’s a lot of throwing up and clearing lung noises, and a driver that seems to have a problem with removing his hand from the buses horn or accelerator – it’s relentless!

The bus travelled for a few hours then stopped for dinner, which you have to purchase, before continuing the journey but stopping numerous times to pick up passengers from non-designated stops – doubt you will sleep on this bus.

Flying from Bangkok to Burma, then travelling for almost 28 days in Burma, thought I’d write a short reflections’ blog on Burma. Mainly because the experience in Burma really resonated with me and not too dissimilar to when I backpacked through India in 1985.

Visit Nilla’s Photography for more images. More posts on Burma.

Shan, Burma, Myanmar, Inle Lake



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