Medieval Tallinn – Estonia’s Gorgeous Capital

January, 2015

Sad to leave SE Asia after 10-plus months of amazing travelling here, it feels a little weird but it’s time to go. And so, what better place to start the next exciting travel chapter than in Estonia’s medieval Tallinn…

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Tallinn, Estonia, The Baltics, EuropeWaiting in the Noi Bai International Airport Hanoi for a flight to Moscow, with a transit in Moscow for a little over an hour, before the connecting flight to Tallinn (Estonia).

The 12-hour Aeroflot flight from Vietnam to Moscow is almost full of Vietnamese passengers, not very many Russians, and only a few other tourists – great people watching.

The actual flight is surprisingly good with very good food. The only negative I have is with the cabin crew, they all look as if they’re either attending a funeral or going to rip your head off. Not much smiling going on. The 2-hour connecting flight to Tallinn isn’t too bad either.

Left Vietnam in a torrential humid rain only to arrive in Tallinn under a blanket of snow!


As it’s winter and snowing (have I mentioned the snow?), many sights are closed and not open again until April.

There are however, still a plethora of ancient architecture and museums to occupy anyone’s thirst to explore this beautiful city.

Tallinn, Estonia, witch, The Baltics, Europe
Old Town witch

Tallinn Old Town

Lose yourself in the wonderful Old Town founded in the 11th century with 13th Century buildings and steeped in Medieval history, glorious architecture, pastry shops, restaurants, and life.

Spend days just wandering around in the cobbled streets stumbling upon ancient buildings.

The atmosphere is gorgeous – love this place. Snowed last night and again today when walking around the Old Town…stunning!

Viru Gates

The Viru Gates are the 14th-century round towers, which are the fore-gates left of a much more complex gates’ system.

This marks the start of the Old Town where you enter into another era steeped with delightful buildings and cobblestone roads, and ancient alleyways.

Tallinn, Estonia, gates, Viru Gates, The Baltics, Europe
Ancient Viru Gates

Town Hall Square and the Town Hall

At the heart of the Old Town lies the Town Hall Square and the best-preserved Gothic Town hall in Northern Europe.

As headquarters for the ruling Burgermeisters, the impressive Town Hall was built between 1402-1404 . Although it’s winter, the Old Town is a little busy but it doesn’t take long to clear for a few photos – patience.

Town Hall Pharmacy

On the corner of the Town Hall Square sits this little pharmacy shop that dates back to 1422 and is the oldest continuing running pharmacy in Europe.

Tallinn, Estonia, tower, The Baltics, Europe
Old Town tower


Apart from being housed in the Town Council’s former prison, which is a gorgeous building in itself, this photography museum (€2 entry) hosts fascinating photos of an early Tallinn.

Many antique cameras are exhibited including a 1930’s Minox camera designed in Estonia.

It’s just amazing strolling up and down this prison’s 14th-century stone spiral stairwell.

Town Wall

At a guess, about 80% of the original Town Wall stills stands in one form or another and you can walk around most of it – pick up a map at the Tourist Information in the centre of the Old Town.

Freedom Square

As a place of national symbolism, Freedom Square hosts a large cross that dominates the square’s west side and is the monument to the War of Independence fought from 1918-1920 – very impressive and great photo opportunities.

Tallinn, Estonia, cathedral, The Baltics, Europe
St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Built in the 1900s, this Cathedral seems a little out of place with its very Russian architecture in this medieval town.

From the Old Town, it’s about a 10-minute walk up to Toompea Hill where the Cathedral sits overlooking the city.

Port Harbour Area

Another free walk is to Tallinn’s harbour area, which also has an old marina.

Boats are dry-docked for the winter and the sea is frozen.

A restaurant, Yacht Club – closed for winter – and accommodation graces the Port Harbour Area.


If you’re not staying in the Old Town, you most certainly will walk through a park to get to the Old Town as it’s almost surrounded by one park on another – gorgeous in the winter as everything is covered in a white blanket of fresh snow.


It appears that as in other parts of Europe, historical churches charge admission fees if visiting during out-of-mass hours so be prepared to pay – I find this uncharitable.

Tallinn, Estonia, alleyways, The Baltics, Europe
Medieval alleyways


As hotels in Eastern Europe are a bit pricy for our Australian dollar, decide to check out self-contained apartments on airbnb and

Apartments work out more economical as you can keep costs down by preparing meals yourself.

The quality of apartments is also more upmarket and comfortable than staying in Hostels. I’m too old for dorms these days.

Our host Kaiku collects us from Tallinn’s airport and takes us to the apartment (poor guy waited half an hour as our plane was late).

The comfortable cosy apartment is only a 30-minute walk to the Old Town and includes linen – nothing is lacking. Chocolates and sweets also await and such a lovely touch.

Extended our stay here as we love it so much. As this apartment is booked, we move to another of Kaiku’s apartments.

The second apartment is around a 20-minute walk from the Old Town and larger than the first apartment, but still included all the trimmings.


Maybe I’m stating the obvious, but a great way to keep costs down when travelling longterm is don’t eat out too much, apart from the obligatory coffees and pastries every day. It’s easy to spend a lot of money eating out, which blows out your daily budget quickly.

I can get used to the Land of Estonia so far with its great coffee shops serving up hearty warm meals and wonderful pastries at cheaper prices than SE Asia – also loads of Italian restaurants here…

Spent almost 2 hours at the massive supermarket around the corner yesterday. Long isles full of lovely cheeses await, as does all types of fish that are occur only in my dreams, cured hams and Salamis, mountains of chocolates, and so much more – just heaven! And, all at prices one third or cheaper than Australian supermarkets…how can this be?

Maiasmokk Kohvik

On Pikk tn 16, the Maiasmokk Kohvik is definitely a favourite daily haunt and is the oldest operational cafe in Tallinn (and Estonia) – operating at the same location since 1864.

Maiasmokk Kohvik, Tallinn, Estonia, cafe, The Baltics, Europe
Maiasmokk Kohvik – established in 1864

Immerse yourself in the wonderful unique interior and great ambience, unchanged for almost a century, whilst enjoying excellent coffee, fresh pastries, pies, cakes, or homemade candies – best in Tallinn and right in the Old Town.

Maiasmokk Kohvik, Tallinn, Estonia, cafe, The Baltics, Europe
Maiasmokk Kohvik – gorgeous brass miniature Ferris Wheel with china cups and saucers

Tallinn to Saaremaa Island

Sadly, it’s time to leave stunning Tallinn and westward bound for Estonia’s largest but remote island, located in the Baltic Sea: Saaremaa Island.

Visit Nilla’s Photography for more images. More posts on Estonia at Image Earth Travel.

Tallinn, Estonia, pub, The Baltics, Europe
Old Town pub

6 responses to “Medieval Tallinn – Estonia’s Gorgeous Capital”

  1. Carolyn Avatar

    Looking at these marvelous photographs, I thought what a contrast Estonia would have been, compared to Laos. It could hardly be more different! I often wonder about refugees who find themselves in vastly alien surroundings, often totally unable to communicate. How terrifying and overwhelming, especially if they have children to provide for. Such difficulties to overcome.
    I so enjoy seeing images of the beautiful artistic expressions from around the world. How creative the human species is. I can never quite understand how creativity so easily turns destructive. The human species is hard to fathom. I think it is important that people who are able to travel write about who and what they see in the manner that you do.

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      So true Carolyn. The two countries are poles apart in every way. Though, one similarity is the hospitable locals.
      We are extremely creative but also extremely destructive – creative destruction? It’s quite tragic. Visited the Yokohama Commonwealth War Cemetary today and when you see the number of graves but also the ages of the soldiers that were killed, it’s extremely confronting. Visited Normandy in 2015 – all politicians should visit this region before considering war.
      I always try to write about my experiences objectively, whether good or bad. There are a lot of travel blogs out there that ‘rosy’ things up but travelling isn’t always like that, as you know. Have travelled enough over many years to know that travellers can’t have amazing experiences 100% of the time with nothing going wrong. Or, maybe I’m unlucky sometimes, ha, ha.

  2. Sartenada Avatar

    You were very near to Finland. Did You visit my beautiful counrty?

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Not in 2015 but I did visit briefly when I was backpacking in 1985. I loved the super friendly locals, the spectacular scenery (not the cold), but for an Australian, it’s very expensive!

  3. abitofculture Avatar

    Some cracking photos there of one of my favourite European cities. I was gutted to have missed the old town witch though!

    1. Image Earth Blog Avatar

      Thank you for your feedback! It’s a wonderful city and loved every moment of being there but also travelling through Estonia for 18 days. There was also a male companion to the Old Town Witch; sorry, I really can’t remember which part of the Old Town they were in.

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