Infinity Dreams Award…

January, 2016

A special thanks to thegreyeye – Life as we see it…

I really appreciate the nomination (albeit I’m a little late in responding)!

I’ve updated this post as I didn’t explain clearly what the rules are for this award. The rules changed slightly, so the following is what you need to do if nominated.

Rules for the Infinity Dreams Award

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back.
  • Post the award badge and rules.
  • Speak of your 7 dreams.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers for the award (not sure if this number is supposed to be 7, 10, 0r 11).

My 7 dreams?

  1. Continue with my passion of travelling with my partner. We left Australia almost 22 months ago and currently in Italy.
  2. Catch up with all my blog posts on my Image Earth Travel site (still six countries behind).
  3. Catch up with uploading all my photos on my Nilla’s Photography site (still six countries behind).
  4. Undertake more volunteer work after the most wonderful experience in Thailand!
  5. To visit every continent – only have Antarctica to go!
  6. See more women in photography.
  7. Fewer wars, reduction of global land mines, more tolerance, and peace!

Seven nominations

Although too many fantastic blogs out there that I follow to nominate, I’ve selected the following seven.

  1. Street Art Rat – amazing global street art
  2. Life SE Asia Magazine – informative SE Asia posts and beautiful photos
  3. Sketchpacker – discovers adventures whilst documenting/sketching the journey
  4. Cooking with a Wallflower – wonderfully delicious recipes
  5. Les photos de Suzanne & Pierre – beautiful photos and daily diary posts
  6. Enchanted Forests – lovely photos and thoughts on forests
  7. Tefl Travelling – TEFL and travel tips

Thank you again for the nomination. Keep dreaming and treasuring every day! 😉


If your passions include photography and travel, then check out my global street and travel photos at Nilla’s Photography.

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