Stunning Zakopane! Southern Poland’s Tatras Mountains

March-April, 2015

Situated at the foot of the Polish Tatra Mountains and with over a century-old tradition of skiing, Zakopane is Poland’s “Winter Capital” so expect loads of skiing, snowboarding, cross-country activities, walking trails, and breathtaking vistas!


Passing through a few Slavic countries and spreading over more than a thousand kilometres are the Carpathian Mountains.

Located in the middle massive arch of the Carpathians are the Tatra Mountains, which hosts the highest peak: Gerlach at 2,654mts above sea level.

The gorgeous Tatrzański National Park is only a few kilometres out of Zakopane and another reason why this area is so popular with all tourists.


Founded as a crop growing and livestock raising settlement at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, the number of visitors grew. Especially when the railway was built in 1899, which made travel to this region more accessible.


The 3-carriage train (14PLN ‘Promotion fare’ – usually 18PLN) from Kraków for the 3.5-hour trip to Zakopane is old but has good heating, with hard plastic seats only.

Several locals including the lady selling us the ticket advise us to take the bus as it’s about 2 hours and “better” – for European standards. The train is not one of the better trains, but I’ve travelled on worse so it’s not a big deal.

Travel is slow across a flat and mostly farmland terrain.

Starting the incline slowly to Zakopane (about the last hour of the trip) unfolds snow-covered hills and a very picturesque vista. But it’s the 31st March tomorrow, which is Spring and it’s still snowing a lot, so…going to need the base layers again.

Lucky the train is heated exceptionally well – I’m sitting directly over a heater and the plastic seat is pretty hot!

zakopane, poland, horse and cart, B&W photo
Zakopane’s bygone era
zakopane, poland church symbols
Bottom larger text: “Such symbols should never find yourself on the neck of a man belonging to the Catholic Church”
timber homes, zakopane, poland
Gorgeous timber homes


The first thing that strikes you about Zakopane in the spring (April Easter weekend) is the abundance of heavy snow, in fact, blizzards! So, there’s no surprise that the skiing season is from November to May.

The other thing is all the lovely traditional wooden homes covered in snow that are so picturesque; everywhere you look there’s a postcard scene just waiting to be captured.

As Zakopane has always been a mecca for artists, you can find many museums, art studios, and galleries in town.

Because of the spectacular highlands, Zakopane hosts many festivals each year. Be sure to do some research before arriving so you don’t miss out on the chance to party with the locals – it would be loads of fun!

Walking Trails

The Tatrzański National Park offers many short and longer walking trails.

Although we spent seven nights in Zakopane and walked pretty much all over the town and out to the start of the walking trails, it was snowing so hard some days that we didn’t bother doing the walks, so only walked two of the longer trails.

The whole area is magical, especially walking along the trails.

Depending on your fitness level but more importantly if you’re doing the trails in the snow, allow more time than the designated signage time. Also, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be stopping a lot to take numerous photos along the way.

Check out the Tourist Information wooden booth on T. Kościuszki and pick up your weather-resistant map (7PLN), which shows the well-marked walking trails (colour-coding and trail names match signs on the forest trails). So you shouldn’t get lost…even in the snow.

zakopane, tatras, poland, walking trail signs
Colour-coded trail signs
tatras, poland, zakopane, snow scene
Stunning vista on walking trail













Dolina Strążyska

This trail is one of the shortest at about 2.8 kilometres long, easiest, and closest to Zakopane so very popular with everyone, especially on a Sunday.

zakopane, poland, trekking, snow, tatras
Gorgeous magical trails…

It’s pretty flat and is marked as a child-friendly trail also, so many families walk this one.

This trail is supposed to take 40 minutes, but in the snow and if you stop for photos, this takes much longer. With spectacular vistas along the way, why rush?

Dolina Maleńka

This trail is longer than the above trail and a little steeper, and in the snow, also a little harder.

Basically, the blue and yellow trails run parallel until they split.

Taking the yellow path, the map and sign states that’s it is another 55 minutes to the next sign but this takes longer in the snow and also because I take many photos.

This region is nothing short of simply stunning amongst nature and the forest, so there’s no need to rush the trail.

For the last part of this trail, you walk on a steep incline but the scenery that awaits you at the top is spectacular and well-worth the climb.

From this sign post, there are several directions. We choose the black trail as this is signed at 15-minutes, but of course, this takes us longer. Afterwards, heading right at the next sign post, to trek back down to the parallel blue/yellow path from which we started.

zakopane, poland, tatras, snow, mountains, treks
More beautiful snow!


If you don’t want to stay in hostels then self-contained apartments are still the most economical accommodation for two people; they are cheaper than hotels.

Poland seems to be a tad more expensive than Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania for accommodation and food.

Making breakfast and cooking dinner in the apartment saves a lot of cash and means a splurge on coffee and desert out every day is still affordable.

Not to state the obvious, but daily budgeting means we’ve been able to travel for over a year now and hopefully can be out for some time yet.

Brzozowa Apartamenty (Brzozowa 36) – This studio apartment is about a 5-minute walk from the train station.

On first arriving at Zakopane station, it decided to start pouring with rain of course, so this location is nice and close, and meant that we and the huge backpacks didn’t get too drenched.

I think the complex is completely empty, as I haven’t heard anyone yet. I’m sure this will change over the Easter break.

The complex is fairly new, clean, and the apartment has a small kitchenette, which is why this is chosen for seven nights. The price is also reasonable for this time of year (125PLN/night) but Wi-Fi is proving flaky (first time in Poland), especially as all the apartments filled up over the busy weekend.


I was surprised that nothing is open on Easter Sunday and Monday. No supermarkets or even corner grocery stores are open, and some restaurants and cafes also closed.

Weird as this is a very popular tourist destination with loads of self-catering apartments. We can’t even buy milk in town over these two days until stumbling across the Żabka and although small, sells most things.

blizzard, zakopane, shopping, poland, tatras
Blizzard grocery shopping
  • Stek Chalupa (Krupowki 73) – For the best burger around and if you feel like a massive meat hit, then you must try Stek Chalupa. The burgers are advertised as 500g of 100% Angus beef in each burger, which comes with roast potatoes (or chips), a couple of sauces, and coleslaw, all for 33PLN. I thought I was going to have a meat coronary! The Glühwein (mulled wine) for 7PLN is also good but the quantity served in the stone cup could be more. Besides hamburgers, this restaurant is a steakhouse and there’s also an extensive menu of delicious authentic Tatra food. The service is great and atmosphere is very cosy in the carved wooden building.
  • Sklep Żabka (Pardałówka 8) – After scouring the city on Easter Sunday and Monday for an open supermarket or corner store, only found this tiny Żabka shop open on the Monday, which does have some supplies and doing a roaring trade, of course. Considering it is the only place open for a few groceries, the prices are pretty reasonable. So, if you find yourself in Zakopane over a public holiday weekend, then this may be your only option.
  • Tesco (ul. Chramcówki 30) – Yes, there’s a small Tesco here (British supermarket chain). Just down the road five minutes from the apartment, which has everything you need including freshly baked bread and pastries, why not indulge?
  • Biedronka (Aleja 3 Maja 9) – The Biedronka chain is Poland’s answer to the Aldi chains and excellent for cheaper groceries than other chains. You won’t pick up your usual brands but I love wondering the shelves for many unusual delicious things to eat (I’m sad like that!).
  • Roma (Strążyska 39) – This is a great little coffee shop at the start of the Tatrzański National Park walking trails. Great ambience, staff, and stop-off after your walk for a coffee, tea, savouries or cakes, at reasonable prices considering the proximity to the National Park.
dog, zakopane, poland, snow
Snow pup

Zakopane to Kraków

As Kraków is an excellent transport hub and base for other destinations, decided to return here for a few nights before travelling on to Poznań. However, as the midday train isn’t running from Zakopane this time (change of timetable), decided to return by bus (€15) instead.

Buses from the bus station run every 15-20 minutes and the trip is supposed to only take just over two hours and as it’s after the Easter weekend, expected the road to be free of cars.

This could not be further from the truth. There is so much traffic that the bus journey took almost three hours.

The road the bus travels on only crosses the rail line a few times so it’s different scenery to the train trip.

On this trip is seems hillier in comparison to much flatter farmland scenery on the train trip, which really only became hilly on the last hour of the trip – both trips are still very pretty.

Visit my Nilla’s Photography Poland gallery for more images. More posts on Poland at my Image Earth Travel.


snow, face on log, zakopane, poland
Nature’s humour – in the middle of nowhere on a trek in the mountains!
trekking signs, snow, zakopane, poland
Signs at the start of treks

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    1. I absolutely loved Zakopane and would return in a heart beat! Such stunning scenery.
      Yes, even though I was there between March to April, as you can see by my photos, still pretty cold! 🙂


    1. Hi, thanks for reading, following, and taking the time to comment on my blog!

      Glad my post brought back memories for you, especially as I just read that you’re from Zakopane – indeed an honour! For me, this is definitely a gorgeous region in Poland and probably hasn’t changed much since you were there last. I’d like to return one day. Love your blog site 🙂


    1. It was a beautiful winter in The Baltics and then spring in Zakopane April last year. You wouldn’t think it was spring with all the snow around would you? Zakopane is one of my favourite places in Poland – it’s magical.

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