Peru: Robbed in Chiclayo!

Not the only time thieves have their way with us in South America, but this time it’s different – it’s a major robbery in Chiclayo, Peru…

In 2011 and with over twenty years of independent travelling under my belt also to dodgy countries, this is the first time experiencing a major robbery. And, I have to admit that it does leave a sour taste in your mouth.

Chiclaylo is not on a traveller’s list and without any intention of stopping here, only stopped to break up the journey from Trujillo to Los Organos. Stayed for the first time in a hotel, instead of the usual family-run and much safer guest house (Hostal).

What a mistake!

After 8 months of South American travelling and hearing many traveller stories of robberies, let me set the scene…

Major robbery

Finding the Hotel El Sol without any problems, the first night proves uneventful in the not-so-clean room.

Deciding to venture out for a stroll the next morning, the alarm bells should have been sounding when the friendly smiling staff member displayed too much eagerness to clean our room. Naively thinking nothing of it, we agree.

After only 4 hours we return to find that our laptops on charge under the table are gone – only the cases remain.

Surely this is too obvious of a theft in a locked room?

Frantically calling the same staff member, he feigns ‘surprise’ and tells us to look everywhere in case we misplaced the laptops – seriously? He calls the manager.

Meanwhile we check to see if anything else is stolen. With several untouched locks on our main backpacks, surely everything is safe?

Unlocking both packs, our hearts sink…everything of value is gone. Starting to scream at the staff member, he continues to watch the scene unfold, but does nothing…

In addition to our two laptops, an iPod, iPhone, and a bunch of cash is also stolen. Even Polish Zloty and other left-over small notes that can’t be changed on the streets is stolen.

The robber/s left coins, credit cards, and thankfully our passports. Police later advise that passports can’t be used.

Around AUD$4,600 of belongings and cash between us is gone!

Why travel with so much of value you ask? It’s the first time.

Returning from a month in the US with too much American dollars left over and unable to deposit the cash, we split this between the two locked packs. As hotel safes are also robbed in South America, this is not an option either.

You have to remember that when travelling in South America but particularly in Peru, you can’t take everything out when you leave your room as you can be robbed on the street.

Our rule when taking photos is one person takes their camera out the other keeps watch, then switch. This is the same when withdrawing money from ATMS – one withdraws the other keeps watch.

I may be painting an awful picture about Peru, but after 8 months in South America and almost every traveller we met robbed in some way, robbed ourselves, it’s no point sugar-coating anything.

Back to the robbery as it gets even better…

Reluctantly, the manager phones the police after we insist.

Police verdict

The police arrive, check the door, check the scene, and advise it’s an inside job, but we can’t prove anything.

The robber/s unlocked our room, picked all locks on our 2 backpacks, stole everything, re-locked our packs, then left re-locking the room again.

Worse still was the experience at the police station…

Police station – 1st visit

Of course for insurance we need a police report. Piling into the back of the police car we drive off in the traffic until we arrive at a scruffy part of Chiclayo – mind you, Chiclayo isn’t picturesque.

In the police station, we’re plonked at a desk with another officer behind an archaic PC.

Continuing in broken Spanish to recount events, the officer doesn’t understand me so it takes almost an hour to take our statement.

The report is still wrong.

Just when we think the officer is finished, an obvious drugged up junky ordered to stand in the corner near us, rips out the PC’s cord and our officer loses the report – it’s not backed up.

Off we start from scratch and recount everything as he obviously suffers from short-term memory loss.

Noticing our hotel’s manager enter the room, he gives his report to another officer and they both leave the room. The office returns sliding something into his pocket.

Finally, after a couple more hours including having our fingerprints taken – we’re not the thieves – our report is finished but told to return and collect it tomorrow.

As we’re meeting friends in Los Organos tomorrow – not wanting to return to Chiclayo anyway – we now need to return in a few days.

Back at Hotel El Sol

Back at the hotel and still extremely upset, my partner discovers he lost about 1,000 irreplaceable photos of Machu Picchu and Boston – his SD card was still in his laptop. I only lost many blog updates saved in Word on my laptop.

Luckily, the robber/s didn’t find our external drives in our room.

Interestingly, we are the only gringos staying here and the only people robbed.

Checking out the next morning, the slick manager has the nerve to charge us for the two nights after knowing what was stolen from inside our locked room on his watch.

Throwing the money down at him, we leave in disgust – this isn’t like me but I truly had enough of Hotel El Sol. Off to the Muchik Hostel (formally Santa Catalina), which is less expensive than El Sol, cleaner newer rooms, caring staff, and safe.

2019 Update

Reading good reviews until June 2014, I think the Muchik Hostel changed hands as reviews thereafter aren’t great and one also recounts an inside robbery.

Police station – 2nd visit

Following some de-stressing in the laid-back seaside town of Los Organos, we return to the police station only to be told we have to pay for the report – we must pay 3 soles at the Banque de Nacional for a receipt. Of course it’s just after 5pm so need to do this tomorrow as the bank is closed.

Today, of course the bank charges more than the 3 soles for the receipt.

Returning to the police station, our mate that took the statement isn’t here today and no one knows anything about our report. I insist that we were fingerprinted on the day and the information is in their system – we’re told to return at 5pm.

Ever feel as if you’re getting the run around?

Off we trot again to the police station at 5pm and of course the report is in Spanish.

As I’m trying to check the Spanish, 6 burley officers drag a guy around the corner and we start hearing deep thumping noises – they’re laying into him…

Trying to concentrate whilst the thumping is going on, I notice the report’s cash amount is wrong. On wanting this corrected, the officer advises that this will take another week. As gringos, these guys know that we can’t hang around so we take the report and leave.

Carlos, the owner of the bungalow at Los Organos explained the officer didn’t give us the report on the first day as we didn’t give him any “lunch money”. This is probably what the other officer slid into his pocket after speaking with El Sol’s manager on the day of the robbery.

TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, ThornTree

Immediately emailing Lonely Planet requesting Hotel El Sol is removed from its recommendation, I also write on the ThornTree traveller forum to alert travellers of this hotel. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.

Also writing a review for TripAdvisor, after 5 years the hotel’s manager responds to my review denying the robbery ever occurred, accusing me of lying and fabricating the whole robbery. As I can’t respond to his comment, I contact TripAdvisor but told that I’m not allowed to respond.

Just remember, anyone can post a review about anything on TripAdvisor.

Insurance company

The insurance company won’t reimburse more than AUD$250 cash but also as we’re not back in Australia within a certain time of the robbery, the company won’t reimburse us for the rest of the items – a bitter pill to swallow.

All I can advise is check the fine print in any Travel Insurance as when it’s time to claim, you may get a nasty surprise.

I’d love to hear about any of your not-so-great travel experiences. Better still, does anyone know of anyone else robbed in Chiclayo or in Hotel El Sol?


A little on pickpockets in South America as you need to be aware of the professionalism in which thefts occur, especially if you’re thinking of long-term travelling through this continent.


After only a couple of days of arriving in Argentina, I notice that medical and female items are stolen from my backpack in our private room. This is the start of locking everything – it must be the cleaners.


Only a few days after the major robbery in Chiclayo and whilst still in Peru, a pickpocket manages to steal my small leather purse, which I only owned for a week from my daypack. The thief absconded with just a few coins so nothing too drastic.


In La Paz a pickpocket goes to work and manages to lift my camera bag out of my daypack without me even realising.

It’s only luck that my friend is walking a couple of people behind me in the narrow congested lane, and screams out so I turn around in time to see the thief.

Hanging on tight to the bag’s strap not wanting to part with my camera and screaming at him, the camera falls to the ground and the thief takes flight empty handed – luckily only the lens filter is slightly damaged.

Lessons learnt?

Many travellers and expats we meet advise that Peru is the worse country for theft – Ecuador is worse for muggings, robberies, and scams. Great, Ecuador is the next country.

Guess we’ve been lucky up until now.

Where is Chiclayo?

Chiclayo map, Peru, South AmericaIf you’re planning a stop in Chiclayo, then it’s an easy 3-hour bus ride from gorgeous Trujillo.

What to see?

Although there isn’t much to see in Chiclayo city, the fascinating Sipán Royal Tombs nearby in the arid Lambayeque Valley are definitely worth visiting.

Just over 30-kilometres from the city, it’s an easy public bus or taxi ride to the site.

Huaca Rajada archaeological site

Only a relatively new discovery, the Royal Tombs of Huaca Rajada – also known as Sipán after Lord Sipán – is from the Moche Civilisation and excavated during 1987-1990.

This valley and site feel similar to the Temples of the Sun and Moon near Trujillo.

Although time and the environment consumes the adobe constructions, you can still make out the pyramidal shapes.

Huaca Rajada archaeological site, Chiclayo, Peru, South America

Still under excavation, the site is expanding.

Huaca Rajada archaeological site, Chiclayo, Peru, South America

Can’t get a smile out of these friendly entrance guys…

Huaca Rajada archaeological site, Chiclayo, Peru, South America

Painted replica in traditional colours help to understand the Moche’s renown iconology.

Huaca Rajada archaeological site, Chiclayo, Peru, South America

Preserved chambers provide a visual blueprint.

Huaca Rajada archaeological site, Chiclayo, Peru, South America

Intricate murals within the adobe-brick tombs depict sacrificial ceremonies. With the discovery of tools and knives ‘used for bloodletting and decapitation’, evidence shows that the Sipán rulers took part in these ceremonies.

A replica of Lord of Sipán in the Royal Tombs of Sipán…

Huaca Rajada archaeological site, Chiclayo, Peru, South America

Sadly, many tombs were looted over time.

As with many lords and serfs through the ages, often commoners paid tax using their labour to build these tombs for lords. Adobe bricks in these tombs are etched with marks tracking such labour.

Where to eat

Sticking to the one eating haunt on our brief stay here as the restaurant is definitely worth a mention.

Restaurant Romana

On J Balta 512 this restaurant has it all – delicious food, great-valued breakfasts, good friendly service, and is always busy with locals.

Leaving Chiclayo

Happy to be leaving Chiclayo after a stressful couple of days, it’s time for another bus to unknown Los Organos for some rest and relaxation on the Pacific shores.

Visit Nilla’s Photography for more images. More posts on Peru at Image Earth Travel.

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80 responses to “Peru: Robbed in Chiclayo!”

  1. Abirbhav Avatar

    I won’t like this post. I feel so bad that you had to experience so many incidents of petty thefts and burglaries in not one but several countries of South America. That really leaves behind a bad taste.

    I don’t take laptops with me while I am traveling. The last time I took one was in Sri Lanka. Despite being in high security plush hotels, I always made sure I carried my laptop and cash with me in person.

    Pickpockets and snatchers are present in every damn country. Prevention is the best strategy against them.

    Well, I have now realized the importance of having travel insurance which covers theft as well. Next time, I shall take the insurance cover accordingly and not restrict myself to a medical cover only.

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      It was an awful experience and many years later, it’s still surfaces in my mind.
      I always take a laptop during long-term travel as don’t like working on my iPad – call me old fashioned.
      Yes, I also scrutinise travel insurance as when it’s time to pay out, there’s always a catch.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂

      1. Abirbhav Avatar

        Dear Nilla, let me offer a tip, if you allow. Of course, you know more than me, so feel free to correct me.
        This isn’t about being old fashioned. If carrying laptop makes one old fashioned, then I don’t carry any such device, which would make me even more old-fashioned in this case.. 😛
        If you like writing or chronicling about your trips, might I suggest you one the following options?
        1. Take a pen and notepad, and write your notes. When you are in your hotel, take photographs of those notes and store those in Google Drive.
        2. Same as 1. However instead of clicking pictures, take your phone and expand on your notes on Google Docs. Save it immediately in Google Drive.
        3. Write notes but don’t take their pictures. You can easily write blogs later on when you come home.
        4. Use the voice recorder from your phone. Record your voice, telling as many details of each small section of the trip as you can. Save those voice clips in Google Drive. Retrieve them and write later on.

        See which strategy suits you, or tell a new one. Maybe I learn from you, once again.. 🙂 🙂

      2. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Ha, ha, no way do I know more than anyone. We all know something different to each other and that’s all. 😉

        Great tips and I used to write everything in journals once upon a time, which I’m yet to digitise.

        Typically, after a travel/trekking day, I enter everything into a Draft post directly in WordPress and use this as my memory jogger. If I’m on a trek or don’t have connection, then it’s definitely in a small note book as my memory isn’t great for place names. I save my photos in ‘Year>Country>Place’ folders on my external drive so when I’m ready to complete my post, I refer back to these folders for photos. 🙂

      3. Abirbhav Avatar

        Thank you so much Nilla.. 🙂

        Well, if remembering pictures is an issue you face, then it will be better to write the date and time range somewhere in your notebook or phone and continue clicking as many pictures as you can. Retrieve them later by referring to your notes and organize them in your HDD or Google Drive. I will again emphasize on Google Drive if you have the Internet Connection.

        For example, on December 24, 2020 you will be in Berlin from 6AM to 11AM and then Munich from 4PM to 10PM.

        Write that information somewhere and start clicking pictures on DSLR or Phone. Even after 10-15 days when you reach home and find a laptop, you job of organizing the pictures will be much easier, and RISK FREE. What say?

      4. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        To be honest, I don’t like using the Cloud as today it’s free, but in the future will it be…and who will own your photos and material? My system is working well at the moment so we have a saying (albeit poor grammar) in the IT world: “If it ain’t broke, don’t touch!” 😛

      5. Abirbhav Avatar

        Yes, the privacy issue is a valid concern. I have a subscription of the Drive (comes cheap) as I store a lot of stuff online, for better flexibility and de-risking.
        See, your system “ain’t broke” as of now.. 😉 which is good. But all of this was suggested as de-risking maneuvers. The system ain’t broke, but would you want to take the risk again post your episodes in South America?

      6. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Good point! Not sure as if/when I return to South America, I may have to re-think how I do things and call on your expert tips. 🙂

      7. Abirbhav Avatar

        Well, I suggest you follow this for any trip you undertake anywhere. As I said, I cannot trust any country on Earth in this matter. Better safe than sorry..!!
        Have a safe, secure and fun-filled trip.. 🙂

      8. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Very wise words Abir and thank you for sharing your tips!
        I’m not going anywhere right now as my flight for tomorrow is cancelled.

      9. Abirbhav Avatar

        You are welcome Madam.. 🙂 Hope to have de-risked your subsequent travels, even by a little bit.. 🙂
        Yeah, I can understand the situation of the travel and aviation sectors. They are the worst hit by Corona virus. Hope the situation improves from 15th April 2020 onwards.

      10. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Are you flying on the 15th April?

      11. Abirbhav Avatar

        I was, but had to postpone the travel.. Will travel during May 2020

      12. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Hope you will be able to travel in May, they’re talking about banning travel for 6 months but not sure if this is true, time will tell.
        For some strange reason your comment went into my Trash folder – not sure what WP is doing.

      13. Abirbhav Avatar

        I know right? This automatic spam deletion algorithm sometimes goes haywire. After your complaint, I make sure I check my spam folder on a daily basis to ensure nothing goes amiss.
        You are right Nilla, they should allow traveling from May 2020 onwards. Too much of a lockdown will bring many countries to their knees, powerful ones included. Even a 2 month lockdown is nothing short of an economic catastrophe.

      14. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        This comment went into my Trash folder also – WP is annoying sometimes!
        Think you misunderstood me, I meant that I don’t believe the lockdown will be lifted in May. I think the powers that be should be doing everything they can to stop the spread of this virus so this means lockdown should continue.

      15. Abirbhav Avatar

        I see. Thank you for explaining.. 🙂
        Let’s hope the virus is controlled by April 30, 2020. Further extending the lockdown will cause a devastating recession, which I think the Countries already know.

      16. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Totally agree!

      17. Abirbhav Avatar

        Moreover there are countries like Japan and South Korea which never went into any lockdown, and yet have controlled the spread of the virus to a large extent.

      18. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Think these countries control the spread by stringent testing, which many countries aren’t doing.

      19. Abirbhav Avatar

        Testing gives you the number of affected persons. What you do post that is something which defines the success of failure against the disease. I don’t know what they did, given their alarming population density. They should share their success story immediately..

      20. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        They also isolate these people immediately. I’m not sure that this is the only way they’ve controlled the spread and I’m no expert, but this is one thing South Korea is doing well. In Australia, we’re not doing that much in testing and I know even the NHS staff in the UK are not being tested and just sent home it they have symptoms.

      21. Abirbhav Avatar

        Well, merely sending home in case one has symptoms is outrightly stupid and dangerous. In India, symptomatic people are being tested, mostly which is turning out to be negative. Test kits have to be judiciously used since they aren’t available in sufficient numbers, though India has ramped up manufacturing those.
        And every country (barring Japan and Korea) is facing the brunt of the disease mostly due to Covidiots who jump and disobey the quarantine or isolation or hide the symptoms altogether by consuming paracetamol.

      22. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Totally agree, especially when it’s frontline workers.
        I hear and read that the testing isn’t 100% accurate yet, which is worrying.
        Selfish people will only make the spreading of the virus much more rapid and it’s revealing the uglier side of humanity once again – Scary times.

      23. Abirbhav Avatar

        Well said Madam. While we have sane people trying to help others stop the virus, we do have idiots galore as well.
        Good news: The screws of punishment is being tightened against these idiots who deliberately try to spread the virus, including perhaps Capital Punishment.

      24. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        You mean Capital Punishment in India?

      25. Abirbhav Avatar

        Not in India exactly. Heard of it from Saudi Arabia. Though in India, many such people trying to deliberately infect others and attacking doctors have been charged under National Security Laws.

      26. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Not surprising for Saudi.
        People like this should be charged – it’s evil purposely infecting others!

  2. Zareen Khan Avatar
    Zareen Khan

    Hi, very good article thanks for sharing.
    You are excellent blogger

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Thank you Zareen for your kind feedback and taking the time to leave me a comment!
      Please feel free to share my post with friends, family, and colleagues for free travel tips.

  3. Soul Gifts Avatar

    Big ouch! Having said that, it makes for interesting reading 😂 I expect there were many lessons learnt from that shady experience. And good to share so others can be more alert.

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Yeah really, it was a big ouch and although there are lessons I’ve learnt (hopefully), South America is a continent in which travellers need to be aware…

  4. LuLu B - Calabrisella Mia Avatar

    What a terrible experience – it must have been really unnerving. And to think they locked and unlocked everything – how crazy!

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Yes, definitely professionals and an inside job. The interesting thing (as mentioned) is that we were the only gringos staying in the hotel and the only ones robbed…

  5. Sudha Avatar

    Oh my, what a horrible experience you had to go through.

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      It certainly was horrible but hope that my post can alert other travellers.
      Thank you Sudha.

  6. wanderingandliving and creating art Avatar

    Wow, everything that happened is awful. I have to say that I have traveled in South America – but after reading this – I have read too many horror stories about so many of the countries, I will not return. Thank you for writing this!

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      It wasn’t a great experience. But, I didn’t write this post to deter travellers from South America as it’s such a spectacular continent. I wrote the post to help and make other travellers aware of what can happen.

      I think if you go on organised tours you have a better chance of things going smoothly, but as I’ve always travelled independently, then you’re exposed to very different situations. Please share this post with anyone that you know is travelling to South America. Sailing to Venezuela in 2008 and visiting the country for a couple of months, we didn’t experience any incidents.

  7. Clazz - An Orcadian Abroad Avatar

    This is insane!!! I think the worst part is how unhelpful the police are. So sorry this happened to you, this sort of thing is my worst nightmare when travelling.

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Yeah, it was pretty awful but as gringos, we didn’t have much luck with the police.
      I thought I was a pretty savvy traveller without any major incidents and years of travel under my belt, but I was wrong – this can happen to anyone so I think it’s good to make other travellers aware.

  8. gillmorris Avatar

    OMG Nilla! What an awful experience. It’s so upsetting when this happens because you remember for a long time and it would put anyone off from visiting again! It’s also frustrating when the process takes longer because they want money from you. It’s good that you share the good and bad to make people aware of what can happen! x

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Yeah it wasn’t great Gill but as I’ve been commenting, I had a worse experience in Quito the afternoon before returning to Australia, which I’m yet to publish…soon.

      I think it’s important to write honestly about travel whether it’s a good or bad experience, especially if it helps other travellers to be aware that this can happen. And, just super unlucky that we had a lot more cash on us than we ever travel with, but also between us we do carry a lot of equipment as we’re on the road for a long time – Murphy’s Law.

  9. lillyevechristie Avatar

    Wow! I think you are so brave going to these places, I would be scared witless!

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Ha, ha some would say “silly” but it does teach you to be on your guard!
      Many thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  10. fakeflamenco Avatar

    Sorry you two were robbed of items under lock and key under your hotel! And then the upsetting run-around by the police. We were lucky in South America in general the year we lived there. But my partner’s wallet was stolen from his pocket as we were getting on a bus in downtown Santiago, Chile late one evening. He and I started running after the thief. When my partner tripped, I continued running in heels. Suddenly, a police officer was running beside me and asking me for details. I pointed out the young man who’d stolen the wallet. The very fit police officer headed him off easily and we got the wallet back!

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Wow, that was so lucky that a police officer actually helped you – did he arrest the thief? I’ve heard tales from other travellers about the police not helping at all.
      I had an awful incident happen in Quito the afternoon before we flew back to Australia but still getting around to finishing Peru posts. 🙂

      1. fakeflamenco Avatar

        I like to joke that he saw a woman in heels running wearing nightclub clothes and knew something was amiss. The thief was apprehended and punished.

      2. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Ha, ha that’s a funny vision! Excellent, I’m glad something was done about the thief.

  11. Dave Ply Avatar

    Yikes! I suppose that’s one advantage of not getting off the beaten path and traveling on guided tours – we get shielded from a lot of those risks. Of course, we don’t get as authentic an experience either. Hopefully, you’ve had better luck in recent trips.

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Good point Dave but I’ve always travelled independently.
      I rarely go on a tour and if so it’s usually on a trek up a volcano or when an area enforces a visit by tour only. 😉

  12. Puzzles of the Soul Avatar

    What an ordeal you had. Too many people thieving and scam throughout the world these days and the officials do nothing about it they encourage it. The Governments are to blame because they do not enforce penalties on their people. I hope you have more luck on your other journeys.

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Thank you for leaving your thoughts and I agree with you as in certain countries/continents, scammers/robbers are left to their own devices – police don’t interfere.

      1. Puzzles of the Soul Avatar

        It is terrible living among them. As I do.

      2. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        It is, as do I. 😉

  13. Kamran Avatar

    What a terrible experience, I’m glad that you have posted this so others will now know in the future. Hope you’re okay and doing well

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Hi Kamran, this is the exact reason why I took the time to publish this post and with a lot of detail…to help other travellers.
      I write objectively and honestly about my travel experiences whether good or bad.

      Many thanks for your feedback.

      1. Kamran Avatar

        That’s an amazing mentality to have. I wish you nothing but success and you’re welcome

      2. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Thank you 🙂

  14. the eternal traveller Avatar

    What a ghastly experience.

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Yes it was Carol, but I had an even more horrible incident/scam in Quito, which I’ll publish soon…

  15. Emma & Nathan’s Travels Avatar

    What an absolutely horrifying experience!!! We were lucky when we went to Quito, Peru, Santiago and Argentina, we had an attempt in buenos aires when we got a little lost but managed to hold onto our pack and my phone was taken in Panama and I hadn’t backed anything up due to no WiFi or laptop with us. Thankfully nothing major like yourselves! At least you guys were ok 👍🏼 I’m glad you’ve shared this as it just goes to show that not even locking your part is etc can be safe and people will take what they want if they can etc.
    Thank you for sharing this with us! I hope the next place you went had better memories for you

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      It wasn’t great and certainly not a good way to remember Peru, but I had so many wonderful experiences there that these outweighed even this robbery.
      Stay tuned for my Quite incident after I finish my Peru posts. 😉

  16. thewonderer86 Avatar

    What a bad experience. All down the line. You can’t guard against everything. Thank goodness they didn’t get your back up drives. I stopped insuring my belongings when my camera was stolen by a roommate and the insurance company refused to compensate because there was no break in. (I did have a police report). I think they always try to wriggle out of payment.

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Insurance companies always have an excuse when it comes to paying you out, not that I’ve made any claims in 30+ years of travelling – this was the only time as it was a major robbery.

      What a pain to have your camera stolen by a roommate, that would be a hard one to ‘prove’. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, I think it’s great that we travellers help each other out and warn of potential risks, without being paranoid.

  17. Suzanne Avatar

    I went off Tripadvisor years ago, and, now never use that site. For many reasons and especially for the dishonesty of reviews! The hard lessons of travel are so annoying. Anyway, you survived to tell another story 🙂

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Exactly Suzanne, TripAdvisor should have some sort of filter before posting a review.
      I’ve known competing businesses to write scathing reviews about each other or get a friend to do the same.
      Always survive to tell the tale… 😉

  18. fanuel Avatar

    Terrible experience that you had in Perù.
    It’s disgusting and sad that there are people in the world who think stealing is ok.
    I know they see tourists as people with lots of money and they probably justify this by thinking about their economic situation, but they don’t know how long we have saved or worked to afford our travel.
    Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Hi, many thanks for your sharing your thoughts and yes, it’s almost as if a tourist is a walking dollar sign. Instead of buying the latest mod cons, fancy car, mansion, I spend my hard-earned money on travel – for me it’s an easy choice.

      I have to write about an incident in Ecuador yet, so stay tuned…

  19. Valerie Cullers Avatar

    Wow, what a trip and sorry about the robbery!

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Hi Valerie, yeah it wasn’t great.
      Travelling has a habit of throwing all sorts of good and bad experiences at you, guess you just have to be on your toes constantly, especially when travelling longterm as you tend to carry a lot more gear than a short stint.

      1. Valerie Cullers Avatar

        What great memories you have though…and to think they are documented so beautifully in your photos!!!

      2. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Thank you for your kind feedback. 🙂

  20. sheetalbravon Avatar

    That was an insightful post. What a harrowing experience and not to mention terrifying! You were really brave.

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Hi, thank you and glad you found my post useful. It’s good to let other travellers know what to look out for…

  21. Robert Parker Avatar

    Ouch. Even eight years later, I don’t blame you for feeling angry. Sometimes the online ratings are lifesavers, so glad you panned them, as a warning to others. When I was working in Chile, I lived in a family-run hostel, and everyone I met (in a small town) was honest and friendly. And I had no trouble during a visit to Quito, but a cop did come over, in a friendly way, and told me to keep my camera stashed better, or someone might swipe it.

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Hi Robert, many thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences. The next country after I finish Peru is Ecuador, so stay tuned for a horrible scam there…

      Although it’s 8 years since this happened, I think it’s still good to let other travellers know so they’re aware of thefts, scams, and their surroundings.
      I would like to return to South America as I haven’t finished travelling through the continent.

  22. The Traveling House Of Hearts Avatar

    That’s such a bummer! Hope your next adventure is better and safer!

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Yes it is, but hopefully I’ll be more savvy next time. 😉

  23. map195 Avatar

    great post …i was waiting for your post…after a very long time…you share your post

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Hi, thank you for your feedback.
      I wanted to publish this post so that other travellers are aware of what can potentially happen with long-term travel in South America.

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