GPSmyCity: Guided Travel Article Apps and Giveaway

Want access to great self-guided travel articles with loads of traveller insights and tips whilst travelling? Now you can with GPSmyCity’s guided travel article Apps.

GPSmyCity, walking, guide
Detailed walk route map (Photo credit: GPSmyCity)

No need for Internet access to view super helpful articles!

Summary of main features and highlights

You’ll love the following main features, which by no means is everything that you can enjoy:

  • GPS-guided city walks – “lose yourself without getting lost”
  • Work offline – no Roaming or Data Plan needed
  • Multiple walks in each city – see famous sights and hidden gems
  • Detailed walk route map – Turn-by-turn walking directions

What is a GPS-guided travel article App?

A new concept in travel by GPSmyCity, which believes that you should “lose yourself without getting lost”!

A comforting thought? Don’t stick out like a confused, vulnerable tourist whilst holding your folded-out crinkled city map. Spot the tourist springs to mind! Instead, blend in with locals and be at ease, whilst you explore a new city at your own pace.

You can now experience self-guided walking tours and explore cities on foot at your leisure, using apps on your iOS (Android in a future release). GPSmyCity makes bus tours virtually obsolete.

Check out GPSmyCity‘s more than 6,500 self-guided walking tours, for over 1,000 cities around the Globe…just pick a city and go!

Immerse yourself in inspiring travel articles written by locals and travel writers from all corners of the world. Travel stories and insider tips for your destination, guide you to unmissable sights in the article.

You won’t kick yourself later for missing sights, or feel lost whilst wasting precious holiday time.

I am also pleased to announce that GPSmyCity has turned several of my posts into apps with GPS Maps. Download these apps for free, or pay for a subscription. Read further to check for giveaways, but be quick as this only lasts for one week!

Why would I bother with GPSmyCity?

You may be asking yourself this exact question when you can perhaps read a similar article on a website for free, or read my travel and photography blog for free.

What you need to know is that with the GPSmyCity App, you can create your own walking tours independently or stick to well-tried available tours provided in the article.

Why hop on a time-restrictive, typically expensive, tour bus with a bunch of other tourists, when you can enjoy a city walk at you’re own pace and in the way you prefer exploring a new or old destination?

Now with the GPSmyCity App, this is totally possible and at a fraction of the price for a guided tour!

How does it work?

Each article is an individual App that you can download for free. Article Apps use your iPhone’s GPS tracking to chart how you’re going as you venture along your planned path, making sure you don’t get lost whilst exploring.

GPSmyCity allows you to download any travel article app for free so you can read the article at your leisure, without needing access to the Internet or Wi-Fi. So, whether you’re in a bus, plane, boat, city museum, meandering along, or in a park planning your next exciting adventure, you have access to your article.

Apps work completely offline and without 3G connection or a data plan. Another excellent bonus is that no roaming charges apply when you travel overseas. We all want to save money whilst on holidays, right?

GPSmyCity, navigation, walking, tours
Sight info example (Photo credit: GPSmyCity)

Why upgrade an article?

As with most upgrades, which provide additional valuable features, there are many reasons to take the GPSmyCity‘s free travel app further, by upgrading:

  • See all sights in an article on an offline map.
  • Get travel routes to the sights in an article. Routes are provided by foot, car, and bicycle.
  • Navigation assistance to guide you from one sight to the next.
  • Bookmark a location on the map.
  • Clearly displayed touring routes on the map.
  • Precise turn-by-turn walking directions from one sight to another, which includes precise turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Have fun creating your own self-guided walking tours.
  • Access to the FindMe feature, which displays your exact location.
  • Always know that you are moving in the right direction, with access to the Auto Tracking feature.
  • No annoying advertisements to distract you from planning.
  • More great features!

At USD$1.99 to upgrade for a GPS-guided article, it’s cheap! If you’re used to buying Travel Guides, then you’ll know that this is super cheap.

Want FREE App giveaways?

I’m thrilled to announce that GPSmyCity selected two of my very own blog posts to turn into apps with GPS Maps.

Try before you buy, absolutely free!

As an introduction to this travel concept, we’re giving away tow article apps! From the 10th June – 17th June, you can upgrade the following apps for FREE – just click one of the links below the image…

When you upload one of my articles you get insight to free sights, discover cheaper cafes and restaurants, transportation tips, and much more. Feel comfortable in knowing that I try very hard to write my blogs objectively, so if I’ve had a great experience, then this is what you’ll read. I won’t gloss over a not-so-great experience so this will save you precious angst and expense, during your holiday.

If you’d like to see my additional articles featured on GPSmyCity, download one of the articles below for free or upgrade for GPS-guided offline use:

Why Calabria’s Diamante Murales are Worth Visiting
Calabria’s Enticing Scalea, Southern Italy
Rome: 8 Great Free Sights
Historic Walk in Cosenza, Calabria
Medieval Tallinn – Estonia’s Gorgeous Capital
Latvia’s Impressive Riga
Delightful Wrocław – Western Poland
Vibrant Poznan – Poland’s Central-West
Kraków – Southern Poland’s Visual Gem
Poland’s Southeast Hidden Gem – Zamość
Lublin – Eastern Poland

How do I access a self-guided travel article App?

Downloaded App examples (Photo credit: iTunes App store)

Use one of the following ways:

  • Click one of my above article links. Please note: if you haven’t downloaded the free GPSmyCity App already, a prompt to do so displays. Once you complete the download, you are directed to the article. Select UPGRADE to get the GPS-guided version.
  • To see which articles are available, from the GPSmyCity App, browse by city.

Let me know what your thoughts are on the GPSmyCity travel article Apps. I’d love to hear whether you feel that you would benefit from these Apps on your travels.

Disclaimer: I like to keep my blog completely transparent so letting you know that if you do decide to upgrade one of my downloaded travel articles, GPSmyCity provides me with a small kickback. Although this won’t make me rich, I hope that it helps to offset costs against maintaining my Travel and Photography blog – many thanks. 🙂

Visit Nilla’s Photography for global images. More global posts at Image Earth Travel.

GPSmyCity, walkd, map
Example of multiple walks (Photo credit: GPSmyCIty)
GPSmyCity, offline, map
Working offline example (Photo credit: GPSmyCIty)


24 thoughts on “GPSmyCity: Guided Travel Article Apps and Giveaway

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  1. Love your work and travel info. I just downloaded the app and will give it a try in the U.S. I enjoy traveling to various locations to find something unique about each one. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you and for the feedback!

      Enjoy your time in Brisbane, there are loads of cool things to do but also free walks around the city. Take a City Cat ride up the river for a different view. Looking forward to reading your Brisbane post. 😉


    1. Thank you!

      I was approached by GPSmyCity a few months ago for a request to use a selection of my blogs for sale. Quite chuffed. 😉

      Hope you guys are enjoying Turkey, which is a country I haven’t travelled to…yet.

      Liked by 1 person

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