Travel Challenge – Day 9

Nearing the end of the 10-day Travel Challenge with day 9.

The Travel Challenge involves posting one favourite travel picture for each day. So, 10 days, 10 travel pictures, and 10 nominations, without any explanation. If you take up this challenge, then you also need to nominate someone each day.

Anita from 100 Country Trek nominated Image Earth Travel for the Travel Challenge. Thank you, Anita!

Today, I nominate My Dusty Flip-flops for day 9 of the Travel Challenge. You can post wherever you wish although please link to me so that I know you accepted the challenge. If you are not interested, then that’s also cool. 🙂

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, SE Asia

Visit Nilla’s Photography for more global images. More posts at Image Earth Travel.


32 thoughts on “Travel Challenge – Day 9

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    1. Hi
      Maybe it’s time to look at travel in your own country if it’s allowed? I know that I won’t be travelling this year and not sure if we’re allowed to leave Australia next yet. Have to wait and see.
      Keep positive… 🙂

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    1. Hi Anand,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Happy to oblige and help other bloggers:

      Name- Nilla Palmer

      No. of Followers- 3,717 WP followers and 11,304 non-WP followers (check inside and post’s sidebar to see the numbers)

      Website Name- Image Earth Travel

      Why you have started blogging? To help travellers discover off-the-beaten-track destinations independently whilst offering travel tips/experiences. Also, to share travel photography with my audience. To provide travellers with an honest account of my travel experience whether good or bad.

      What kind of topic do you write to prefer/ your specialty? (For example, Tourism, Technology, Fashion, etc.) Travel. I only write about places I’ve travelled to and don’t ghost write.

      How to write good content? Content must be your own/experience – genuine/honest – not someone else’s. Don’t re-write other people’s content. Discover your own style according to what you love to write about, which will easily transpire in your blog.

      Any tips you want to share with other bloggers? Find what works for you. For example, I try to write 4 to 5 posts in the first week of every month and schedule these weekly. Then, I only have to write one blog each week. My posts take a lot of time as they’re not a 100-word posts. I try and add lots of photos, which takes time as they need reducing and a copyright. If photos are scanned from film, then there’s dust removal, straightening, etc., work to be done.
      Target the correct publish time so that your readers see your post, which depends on your country and your readers’ countries.

      Hope that helps and thanks for reaching out!

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  2. What a photo, beautiful! It’s the Cameron Highlands? I visited there many moons ago, but spent the whole time sick so I didn’t get to see too much of it unfortunately before we had to move on. Thank you for the nomination too 🙂 Would love to take part (might have to be after Christmas though), gives me a great excuse to have a look back through all my photos!

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    1. Hi, thank you for the feedback – much appreciated!
      Yes, I love the Cameron Highlands and enjoyed the Brinchang night markets – what a feast! 😉
      No problem, it’s a fun challenge to do and look forward to see your photos.
      Have a wonderful Christmas and stay safe.
      Best wishes

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