Travel Challenge – Day 10

Finally made it to day 10 of the 10-day Travel Challenge!

Anita from 100 Country Trek nominated Image Earth Travel for the Travel Challenge. Thank you, Anita!

The Travel Challenge involves posting one favourite travel picture for each day. So, 10 days, 10 travel pictures, and 10 nominations, without any explanation. If you decide to take up this challenge, then you also need to nominate someone each day.

For the last day of the Travel Challenge, I nominate David from Plying Through Life. You can post wherever you wish although please link to me so that I know you accepted the challenge. If you are not interested, then that’s also cool. 🙂

rive harvest, Don Khong Island, laos, SE Asia

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18 responses to “Travel Challenge – Day 10”

  1. 100 Country Trek Avatar

    This is a lovely image..hummm wondering where this is?

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Thank you!
      This one is in Don Khong Island, Laos. Riding on scooters, I stopped as saw this along the road so had to take the shot. 😉

      1. 100 Country Trek Avatar

        Ahh. Brings back memories of our time there. We went around on a bicycle taxi.

      2. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Cool! Yeah, we opted for one scooter that time, but had loads of fun exploring the island.

      3. 100 Country Trek Avatar

        Love to get back to Asia again.

      4. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        So would I! Fingers crossed that it’s soon… 🙂

  2. an observer Avatar

    Beautiful photos. 🤩🤩

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Thank you for your kind feedback! 🙂

  3. LuLu B - Calabrisella Mia Avatar

    I just love how you manage to beautifully capture these natural and authentic moments! <3

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Thank you for the great feedback! I love candid photography, as you know. 😉

  4. wetanddustyroads Avatar

    Angela (suitcase4you) introduced us to this challenge and we’re loving it! Had a look at your 10 photo’s of this challenge and wow 😲 … such beautiful pictures that speaks to one’s heart and soul!

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Thank you for the wonderful feedback – much appreciated! 🙂

  5. Angela Gaft Avatar

    Your photography just amazing!

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Thank you for the kind feedback! You’ve made my week! 🙂

      1. Angela Avatar

        My pleasure! Your work really amazing.

      2. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Thank you! 🙂

  6. Angela Gaft Avatar

    Hi Nilla! Today I started my Travel Challenge Day 1.
    Sorry for delay and thank you for nomination.

    Her is my link:

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Wonderful! I’ll check it out. 🙂

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