Photography Exhibition – Be My Curator!

Do you want to be the curator for my next photography exhibition?

The Indonesian travel articles need a rest for a little while so trying something new as would like to start organising another photography exhibition in the future.

Photography exhibition, Patagonian Fjord, Chile, South America

What do you like to see at a photography exhibition?

My last photography exhibition – Image Earth Faces, hosted by the beautiful Erika from Piano B – Event Project Management – was pre-COVID in 2018. The stunning medieval Palazzo Sersale in the village of Cerisano, Calabria in Southern Italy, is a superb venue for any function but especially for an exhibition.

I need your help to decide on a new portfolio for my future exhibition. Not sure when this will be but these are some of the decisions to make:

Choose a theme

  • Street?
  • Portrait?
  • Landscape?
  • Candid?
  • Urban exploration?
  • Abstract and Conceptual
  • Street art?
  • Travel?
  • Castles?
  • Country or continent?
  • Social issues?

Choose a Medium

  • Black & White?
  • Colour?
  • Frames? Frameless glass?
  • Canvas?
  • Acrylic?
  • Foamboard?

Choose more

  • Number of photos?
  • Size of photos to exhibit?
  • Orientation (landscape or portrait)?

Another two photos for you to choose from but this time in colour. Still not sure whether to only include B&W photos or only colour. If you missed last week’s two photos, check this link: You Decide – Be My Curator!

Which one of these photos do you think would suit an exhibition and why?

Patagonian Fjords, Chile, South America
Patagonian Fjords, Chile – Photo 1
Patagonia, Chile, fjords, Navimag, ferry
Patagonian Fjords, Chile – Photo 2

Do you have a better suggestion? Check out more of my work on Nilla’s Photography or Image Earth Travel and help me decide.

Be my curator and help me decide! I always have a mental block when choosing photos for an exhibition or for my travel articles.

Appreciate your help!

Nilla 🙂

Visit Nilla’s Photography for more images. More posts at Image Earth Travel.

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25 responses to “Photography Exhibition – Be My Curator!”

  1. Christie Avatar

    Great to hear you’re busy organizing an exhibition! No1 for sure, it invites one to day dreaming🙂

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Happy New Year Christie! Thank you for your selection and feedback.
      I’m not sure when the exhibition will be but there’s a lot of organising to do so thought I may as well start now and in-between working full-time.
      Hope all is well with you?

  2. equinoxio21 Avatar

    Second one. Less symetric. More personality. As for medium… I love paper. I wouldn’t do canvass. One loses too much light. Acrylic for some could be an option. I’ve seen some very good Steve McCurry on acrylic.
    Number of photos? No idea. Guess it depends on the size and the room. 15 to 20? Forces you to be more demanding on yourself…

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Thank you!
      I used to love paper but since having loads printed on canvas, I’ve grown to love this medium.
      The number of photos definitely depends on the size of the exhibition space. I was lucky enough to have several rooms in the Italy exhibition so could sort in sections, which worked really well. This was sprung on me on the day of hanging – they changed the large room upstairs to downstairs with 2 large rooms and one small room but it flowed really well, thankfully.
      I think going big is much better for an exhibition.

      1. equinoxio21 Avatar


  3. Suzanne Avatar

    Nilla, you seem to love people photography, and I am sure you have oodles of images to choose from, so pick ones by instinct, which creates some form of emotion and memories from when you captured the moment. The viewers will pick it up. Your candid people images that I have seen over the years have been superb. Black and white is a favourite media for me though it seems not for everyone. Enjoy the process.

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Hey Suzanne
      Thank you for the super helpful and great feedback about my work. You’re spot on as yes, people is my preferred medium but I always have trouble deciding. I could go with some that I chose for the exhibition in Italy. I no longer have those large images as I left them with friends to keep and enjoy. Too heavy to transport to Oz even though they were printed on Foam board.
      You’re right again, not everyone enjoys B&W but I love this medium! I really need to get my darkroom equipment out of the garage and start processing film again. 😉
      You’ve given me food for thought, thank you

  4. Yetismith Avatar

    Now that is really hard. On balance I think photo 2. I will always go with photographs of the Natural or the ancient world but I do also like faces….faces from around the world, different cultures. I find them fascinating.

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Thank you for the feedback!
      Yes, faces and especially in a candid environment is what I love to photograph. Maybe I’ll have to do another Image Earth Faces exhibition. 😉

  5. Rebecca Cuningham Avatar

    How about, Citizens of the World, color, say 20-30 photos?

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      That’s a great idea and held Image Earth Faces in Italy. I could do another similar in Australia.
      The Palazzo was a great venue as it was 3 separate spaces so I could display colour in one area, B&W in another and photos didn’t clash.
      Thanks for the feedback – I have loads of candid faces! 🙂

      1. Rebecca Cuningham Avatar

        You have beautiful faces to display! Glad the idea was helpful. 🙂

      2. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Thank you for the wonderful feedback! Yes, your feedback is always helpful. 🙂

  6. Rebecca Cuningham Avatar

    I’d say with such great photos, how can you go wrong!

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Awww…thank you for your humbling comment – you’ve made my Sunday! 🙂
      I really find it difficult to choose photos…

      1. Rebecca Cuningham Avatar

        If faces are a theme, then two outside constraint could be to balance male and female and young and older.

      2. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        That’s a great suggestion as it curbs the choices… 😉
        I still have the dilemma of whether to go for colour or B&W.

      3. Rebecca Cuningham Avatar

        I would say color, to give warmth to the portraits.

      4. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Excellent! Thank you for the feedback. 🙂

  7. Monkey's Tale Avatar

    Again, I’m no expert but I prefer 1. The colours are incredible and I find myself exploring it to determine which is real and which is reflection. The second one is gorgeous but I’m distracted by the buoy. Maggie

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Hi Maggie
      Great feedback and thank you for taking the time to curate!
      Art is very subjective and when I took this photo, I purposely wanted the buoy in as I thought this drew the eye into the image.
      Think I have one without the buoy but I’ll have to find it as again, I don’t remove objects from my images. 😉
      I had Photo 1 printed on canvas 100cmx 50cm and hung at my first solo exhibition back in 2014 and it sold afterwards – I was very chuffed.

      1. Monkey's Tale Avatar

        Wow congrats! Wait to see what others say as maybe more people like the second one better. 😊 Maggie

      2. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Thank you, Maggie!
        Not sure when I’ll hold this exhibition but as you probably know, they take a lot of organising.
        Thank you for participating in the feedback. 🙂
        Had to rescue your comment from WP Trash folder. Not sure what’s going on there and my readers have said they no longer receive weekly email notifications of my new posts. Hope WP isn’t going down the FB route of paying for advertising.

      3. Monkey's Tale Avatar

        I hope not too! I’ve had a few comments from blogs I regularly interact with in spam too. Good luck with organizing the exhibition. Maggie

      4. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Hmm…interesting. Thank you!

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