Girls’ Weekend: Springbrook, Gold Coast Hinterland

An age since going on a girls’ weekend away, what better way to spend some time together than at Springbrook in the peaceful Gold Coast Hinterland, near Brisbane?

Fancy going on a girls’ weekend away? Sure, why not…

Girls' weekend, Springbrook, Queensland, Australia

A surprise invitation with the promise (who needs promises?) of indulging in good food, wine, and glorious walks, the anticipation grows as the working week comes to a close and the fun weekend away begins.

Where is Springbrook?

Nestled in South East Queensland’s sub-tropical corner and in spitting distance from the New South Wales border, Springbrook is a major drawcard for tourists.

Springbrook, Queensland, Australia, Oceania

Springbrook National Park offers substantial preserved natural heritage dense rainforest, breathtaking lookouts, ancient Antarctic Beech trees, and on a clear day gorgeous coastal views.

Get in touch with nature while experiencing serenity across the park’s 2,720 hectares of which much is walkable. Including deep gorges, crystal-clear cascading waterfalls, and picturesque backdrops, the national park is alluring.

What to do?

Enjoy many glorious and gentle leisurely walks of only a couple of hundred metres. Or, if you feel invigorated while getting back to nature, try one of the more vigorous and longer treks from 2 to 14 kilometres – your choice. Walks are graded and you can check this link for grades and detailed information.

But what do girls do best on a girly weekend away?

Go for long walks of course and discuss life, the universe and everything (a great book by Douglas Adams, by the way). And, Springbrook National Park offers perfect extensive or short walks for you to explore and absorb.

Springbrook National Park

Following a couple of weeks of almost daily torrential rain – slight exaggeration but not far off – everywhere is either flooding or sodden. The weekend getaway isn’t much different with its wet and overcast grey days. It is winter, but winter in Queensland is typically dry.

Still, a weekend away it is and making the most of it is all that matters, so trekking we will go…

Purlingbrook Falls Circuit, Springbrook, Queensland, Australia
Ancient beauty

Purling Brook Falls circuit

Today isn’t great as the persistent drizzling rain and the cold aren’t helping but walk we shall and after last night’s food and wine, the girls need to earn the next coffee and cake break.

From the car park, this 4-kilometre round trip on foot is at an elevation of 598 metres, so not enough to get altitude sickness. As a Grade 3 walk, the brochure advises that some walking experience is recommended and ”tracks may have short steep hill sections, a rough surface and many steps”.

Map: Queensland Parks And Wildlife Service

Purling Brook Falls Circuit, Springbrook, Queensland, Australia

Up for a challenge, we start on the walk. Judging by the carpark, this is a popular region and it doesn’t seem as though the rain and cold have dampened anyone’s spirits as the walking path is quite busy.

Signposts help to guide walkers on this picturesque circuit full of dense glossy vegetation and fluorescent green mossy rocks in this Eucalypt forest.

Purling Brook Falls Circuit, Springbrook, Queensland, Australia
Peaceful vista

Panoramas of the Purling Brook Falls follow the walk providing a stunning backdrop against the rugged cliff face.

Arriving at the lookout, disappointed, clouds shroud the ominous sky and nothing but a whiteout can be seen.

Lookout, Purling Brook Falls Circuit, Springbrook, Queensland, Australia
Lookout without a view

The brochure tells us that the best time to visit is on clear days for the best views, which is not today.

Lookout, Purling Brook Falls Circuit, Springbrook, Queensland, Australia
Impressive on a clear day!

The slippery walk back to the carpark for a spot of lunch provides pleasant forest snippets even though continual drips from the tree canopy swat us in the face and eyes. Nothing like clean fresh air to awaken the senses.

Purling Brook Falls Circuit, Springbrook, Queensland, Australia
Walk in the park

A little side-trip at the end of the day to the interesting tourist centre is worth the visit.

Purling Brook Falls Circuit, Springbrook, Queensland, Australia
Great for kids!

The tiny Springbrook State High School has long been moved from the national park and remains as a relic of the past.

Springbrook State School, Purling Brook Falls Circuit, Springbrook, Queensland, Australia
Child’s play

Where to indulge?

As the girls came prepared with an abundance of delicious food and beverages – much too much for a weekend away – enjoy only a couple of food stops in the national park.

Dancing Waters Cafe

At the end of the Purling Brook Falls circuit, stop at the quaint Dancing Waters Cafe for a bite to eat after your hard-earned trek. The chilly weather outside brings walkers into the cafe and the open fire in winter would be great but sadly, it isn’t lit today. Although the deck in warmer weather amongst the colourful birds and beautiful park is fabulous.

Local staff are hospitable and welcoming. The hot drinks and homemade delicious cakes are delectable. Morning teas and light lunches are also offered as is cottage accommodation.

The Fudge Shop

For some scrumptious and pure indulgence, you can’t go past the Fudge Shop along 3 Lyrebirdridge Road while in Springbrook, as the velvety homemade fudge in an abundance of flavours is simply divine. And, of course, we selected many varieties to take back to the cottage for a sumptuous afternoon tea – very lucky to have this fudge shop only a short walk from the cottage.

Where to stay

Springbrook is graced with tranquil escapes ranging from upper-market Eco resorts to farm cottages on expansive farms with roaming chickens, cows, a horse, and goats as an added curio. The fresh Free-range eggs are wonderful for breakfast. The latter describes the Echo Valley Farm Cottage and the natural wildlife and birds also make this peaceful farm super relaxing.

Echo Valley Farm Cottage

The historic Echo Farm Valley Farm stay is delightful.

Offering a cosy fireplace (wood, kindling, and matches provided) in the large lounge room equipped with games, music, and TV, a fully self-contained kitchen, a separate spacious dining room, and 3 bedrooms, makes this accommodation perfect for sharing with friends. Set on 250 lovely acres within Queensland’s Gold Coast Hinterland including forest areas, mixed grazing, and orchards, this unique working farm is enclosed by the World Heritage-listed Springbrook National Park.

The farm also boasts a Certified Organic Kiwi Fruit orchard and a jar of Kiwi and ginger jam is kindly provided in the cottage for your enjoyment.

Getting there

Springbrook, Queensland, Australia, Oceania

From Brisbane, follow the M1 highway south for the easy hour and a half drive until you bump into the Springbrook National Park.

Next to the gorgeous Lamington National Park, Springbrook is a delight for a little scenic driving.

As the Springbrook National Park does not offer public transport, your own transport is essential.

Arriving in the evening after heavy rain and still drizzling, the ground is soaked at the cottage so an evening walk is out of the question. Instead, it’s not long before we settle in snugly with a roaring fire going and break out the wine for some girls’ catch-up – not a bad way to start the weekend away.

Visit Nilla’s Photography for more global images. More posts at Image Earth Travel.

Purling Brook Falls Circuit, Springbrook, Queensland, Australia
Nature’s way

18 thoughts on “Girls’ Weekend: Springbrook, Gold Coast Hinterland

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  1. Good to catch up on your goings on, Nilla. An enjoyable glance into an area worth visiting and nothing quite like a girl’s weekend away. Fabulous photography as always. Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Suzanne
      Lovely to hear from you and thanks for leaving me a comment. Working takes up a lot of life right now so it’s great to get away even if it’s only for a weekend. 😉
      Hope all is OK with you.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Walking (fast) basketball with most women aged over 65 to 82. Amazing women and some represented NZ in their youth and were coached. Don’t be fooled with the ages they still have the ability to have me literally running around like a chook with no head 🤣 Not to mention get goals. Lots of fun

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a beautiful place to have a weekend away. The cottage with the fire and wine sounds fabulous! I must go there on my next trip to Oz (whenever that may be!) I do like your little collages too Nilla! Hope you are well! Love xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Gill
      It was a lovely cosy cottage despite the great drizzling weather but we still managed a couple of walks in nature, which is wonderful. A great weekend to spend away and pretty close to Brisbane.
      Hope you get to Oz again and thank you for the feedback on the collages. 😉
      All is well here in The Land of Oz, just working long hours. Oh, and I had to salvage your comment from my Trash folder – WP is starting to play up again.
      Nilla xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. If only one still had the time and energy to visit all the places one reads about! But at least we have that pleasure these days. I had to laugh about your viewless view…Decades ago, I took my mum to the Grand Canyon and when we arrived it too was full of fog. It was the most unsettling feeling to be standing beside such a huge “hole” without being able to see the edge. (Safe behind a fence, of course). First time I went to Cairns was a fiasco. We were a party of 5 on space available tickets. Having flown from NY, we arrived in Sydney to connect up through Brisbane but only three of us got seats (it turned out the guys were left behind due to lack of catering, not seats!). All remaining flights were booked solid and we had one day before arrival of the ship. In Cairns we three girls fretted and worried. After a sleepless night the guys sauntered in casually. “Let’s celebrate!” We had a fabulous lunch of “bugs”? Some sort of crayfish? Then learned of the dock strike. The shipping company paid for us all to take the train to Kuranda and also out to the Barrier Reef. In the end we were flown to Port Moresby for the next part of the adventure. For a place to be stranded Cairns wasn’t bad!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! And, if only one wouldn’t have to stop and work to save money again – one wasn’t born rich! 😉
      What a journey and fiasco but at least the company made amends with you guys, which is great to hear. Australia rarely has strikes these days – think we’ve become too apathetic and take (conform) to whatever we’re told to do…sad.
      Bugs and Crayfish sound about right as close to the reef, wonderful seafood is readily available. Missing my travelling days…


    1. Ha, ha, that’s so funny but the scenery was beautiful and my mobile phone camera doesn’t do this national park justice.
      Hope all is well with you? Not sure why I have to keep clicking the “Follow” button on your page – think WP is playing up. 😦


    1. Hey Stella, yes it was and so lovely with a roaring fire. Lucky one of the girls was great at lighting fires. 😉
      Ha, ha, obvious but didn’t think it would be a complete white-out!
      It’s worth the 3-hour return drive just for the fudge!


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