Choose a Photo for an Exhibition?

Choose another image for the next photography exhibition…

Deciding to submit another two photos for you in the hope that I can come to a decision on what to exhibit at my next photography exhibition – although not sure when the exhibition will happen.

photography exhibition, Volcano Villaricca, Chile, Ushuaia, Argentina, South America

Do you enjoy going to photographic exhibitions? Or, do you prefer a different type of exhibition?

I think that COVID has dampened many exhibitions over the last couple of years and I’ve only just started seeing more advertised in the last few months. I wonder what happened to all the pre-organised exhibitions before COVID hit…

Over the years, I’ve been to quite a few exhibitions and a couple of photographic exhibitions. I wanted to go to Steve McCurry’s exhibition but sadly, for some reason, I missed this a few years ago while the exhibition was touring Italy.

My last photography exhibition – Image Earth Faces – hosted by the beautiful Erika from Piano B – Event Project Management – was pre-COVID in 2018. The gorgeous space was in the stunning Palazzo Sersale, a medieval venue in Calabria’s village of Cerisano, in beautiful and untouched Southern Italy. A striking venue surrounded by centuries of rich Italian history.

For those of you that haven’t read my previous exhibition posts, I need a little help choosing a theme, medium, and a few more aspects when getting together a portfolio. A few of the hard choices to make are on this list…

A theme

  • Street?
  • Portrait?
  • Landscape?
  • Candid?
  • Urban exploration?
  • Abstract and Conceptual
  • Street art?
  • Travel?
  • Castles?
  • Country or continent?
  • Social issues?

A Medium

  • Black & White?
  • Colour?
  • Frames? Frameless glass?
  • Canvas?
  • Acrylic?
  • Foamboard?

Extra decisions

  • The number of photos?
  • Size of photos to exhibit?
  • Orientation (landscape or portrait)?

If you missed the previous photos, check out these links:

Which one of these photos do you think would (or wouldn’t) suit an exhibition?

Volcano Villarrica, Chile, South America
Volcano Villaricca, Chile
Ushuaia, Argentina. South America
Ushuaia, Argentina

Have you seen better images in any of my past posts or photography site? Check out more images on Nilla’s Photography or Image Earth Travel and let me know if there’s something you prefer.

I always deliberate when choosing photos, so your help is very much appreciated.



23 responses to “Choose a Photo for an Exhibition?”

  1. Gillian Morris Avatar
    Gillian Morris

    I think i like the boat and moon one. I love the snow one, but i think there is too much blank space, although I like to think where the people are going (i like this a lot in photos!) The colours in the second one are subtle but effective and I do love a good moon shot! 🙂 xx

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Thanks for the great feedback Gill!
      It’s interesting to get an audience’s feedback on preferences and the reasons why a photo is preferred over another… 🙂 x

  2. Dave Ply Avatar

    I think the first one is more interesting, and it’s got those nice colors and a leading line. But the second might be more the type folks might buy as a wall hanger. Ask again tomorrow, I might change my mind…

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Ha, ha, well art is subjective and depends on a person’s mood, what’s happening in their life, etc.
      Great feedback though Dave – thank you!

  3. issabrainmonkeybrain Avatar

    I must say, the moon…… because as soon as I look at it my ears go quite and a feeling of peace comes over me. With the moon, mountains, boats and water. Even as I write this I keep popping back up and as soon as I do….boom….back into quite. I based the 2 without looking at the titles just the photographs.

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Thank you for the great feedback.
      This moonscape certainly portrays peace, which is what this moment was like when I captured the image. Ushuaia is a wondeful town in Argentina, have you been?

      1. issabrainmonkeybrain Avatar

        No, but it is another place on my bucket list.

      2. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Hope you get there as it really is worth the trip. From Buenos Aires, it was 52 hours on 3 buses. You can fly but it was expensive.

  4. equinoxio21 Avatar

    First one. Without a doubt. (Reminds me of MOnt-Blanc!) Composition is perfect. The mountaineers are clearly having a hard time but will make it. The road to the summit is traced. Peachy. (Then the first snow flake fell)

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Excellent and thank you for the great feedback!
      It was a hard climb for me too but didn’t make it to the summit as was too slow a climber and the guide didn’t want slow climbers to go on. 🙁
      Still, if I had been with the climbers, I probably wouldn’t have got this shot.

      1. equinoxio21 Avatar

        It looks like a hard climb.
        Not sure I agree with the guide. My policy in the mountain is “all together”. To the summit and down. But who knows.
        It’s all right not to get to the the top. (We didn’t make it to the summit of Mont-Blanc but all came back down alive…) Mountain climbing is just that. Climbing. And coming back down.
        When and where was that?

      2. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        It was an arduous climb for me in Pucón (Chile) in 2011, when we spent around 10 months exploring South America.
        We’d waited for days until we could do the day climb as it snowed heavily and also the night before. You climb up and then slide down the volcano. But, because of too much snow, we had to trudge all the way back down again. The tour guides want you up and back before dark for obvious reasons, so a few of us were slower (inexperienced) climbers and “suggested” not to do the 500 metres to the top. When the experienced climbers returned, they said it wasn’t great as there wasn’t much visibility due to the volcano’s angry smoke. The volcano erupted a couple of weeks after this climb!

      3. equinoxio21 Avatar

        It happens with volcanoes. I climbed the Popocatepetl here when it was “extinct”. But it has revived and is spitting smoke constantly.
        Well done any way

      4. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        It amazes me how locals in Italy and other parts of the world live beneath volcanos – I don’t think I could do that…

      5. equinoxio21 Avatar

        Like the Etna? Yeah. Feels weird to live there. But then here we are plagued with earthquakes…

      6. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Exactly! There’s also Solfatara in Pozzuoli (near Naples). We stayed in the middle of it at the camping grounds in Reg! The smell of sulphur was powerful depending on which way the wind blew…

      7. equinoxio21 Avatar

        Amazing as always. I’m not sure how you manage to “stay put” in Oz for so long…

      8. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Me neither! I’m definitely getting itchy feet – haven’t been overseas since Feb 2020…time to dust off the backpack.

      9. equinoxio21 Avatar

        I can imagine.

  5. Yetismith Avatar

    I’ll go with the volcano because I like the contrast of snow vs deep blue sky and I like the ski tracks and also the colours that are so bright against the snow. It’s a stunning picture. The moon is wonderful too but not nearly as unusual. I would never be able to choose from among your photographs. They all touch me in their very different ways. Not much help, am I?!

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Thank you for the wonderful feedback Carolyn – I need you as my curator. 😉
      Interesting you like the volcano photo – apart from the arduous climb in Villaricca, I’m happy to say that this photo was awarded a silver award at the AIPP Queensland Awards. I never made it to the top of the volcano but only 500-metres from it as apparently I was too slow a climber. At the time, I was happy with my achievement, especially as I’d never climbed in the snow or had seen much snow in my life at that point.

      1. Yetismith Avatar

        Wow. I am seriously impressed! Those mountains are stunning. I went twice to Chile enroute to a ship that took us to the Antarctic (1981/1984) but only saw Santiago and Punta Arenas. Never enough time or funds to do all you wanted!

      2. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Ah, we tried to go on the last-minute ships leaving from Ushuaia but as the snow season started early that year, the cut-off for the boat was also early and only a few days before we arrived – so disappointed as we were so close. And, this was after 52 hours on 3 buses from Argentina, but absolutely loved Ushuaia so stayed a while.
        No there isn’t and that’s why we work hard to save to then take off again. We work to travel not travel to work.

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