Photo Challenge – Week 11

A photo challenge with a twist for week 11.

Another photo challenge for you to see whether you can guess where I took this intriguing photo.

My photo challenge doesn’t involve too many rules to follow, if you decide to participate in the guessing challenge:

  • Post one of your favourite photos each week for as long as you like – no pressure.
  • Your photo can be from any time, any place, and of anything. Start searching through your old or new chest of memories.
  • Post a photo without any explanation or hints.
  • Ask your readers where the photo is taken.
  • Make the challenge as easy or as hard as you wish but nominate someone each Sunday.

Post wherever you wish, although please link back to me so that I know you accepted my #photochallenge. If you’re not interested or don’t have time for this challenge, don’t stress. You can always pass this challenge along to someone that you know has the time to join in.

Deciding which photo to choose from my Image Earth Travel or Nilla’s Photography sites is a little difficult and not adding words is even harder.

Chefchaouen, Morocco, Africa
Where did I take this photo?

Today, I nominate Agata from the wonderful travel blog 40thousandkm, for week 11 of this photo challenge. Check out Agata’s great blog that shares her journey around the world.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you can guess where this photo was taken…the colour is your hint.

Visit Nilla’s Photography for more global images. More posts at Image Earth Travel.


25 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Week 11

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    1. I know. My spam/junk mail is gone. After 3 months WP support, they found a solution. Gone from my mail. Now, all I do is a routine check of my WP spam coupla times a week, to make sure I don’t lose someone. Just the way it is.

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    1. Haha! There’s a Tintin album called “The crab with the golden claws” where part of the action is in a ficticious Morocco, and one of the characters wears the same garb.

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    2. It’s a very old Tintin album.
      Thank you about the Valley. I wrote it centuries ago in Spanish. Part of a few stories I’m translating to English. One never knows how a post will work… LOL. Just glad people liked it…
      Buona giornatta.

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