Photo Challenge – Week 16

A New Year’s Eve photo for week 16 of the photo challenge…

I’m hoping that some of you take up my photo challenge as a fun way to share photos from around the world or just whatever photos you feel like sharing and reminisce about life on this last day of 2022. Let’s continue this guessing game challenge by:

  • posting one of your favourite photos each week for as long as you like
  • a photo can be from any time, any place, and of anything, so start delving through your treasure trove of memories
  • posting the photo without any explanation or hints and asking your readers where the photo was taken
  • making the challenge as easy or as hard as you wish and don’t forget to nominate someone each Sunday.

Just a bit of fun to share a photo of whatever or from wherever you wish, although please link back to my Image Earth Travel site so I know that you accepted this #photochallenge. No problem if you just don’t have time or if you’re not interested in this challenge. But, if you know anyone that would like to join, then why not pass this challenge along?

As this challenge is also not to include any hints or words about where your photo was taken, I find it a little tough to choose a photo to share from Image Earth Travel or Nilla’s Photography, So, see whether you can guess where this serene scene was taken while anxiously waiting for the New Year’s Eve crazy celebrations but remember, no hints…

Pisa, Italy, Europe
Where did I take this photo on New Year’s Eve?

For week 16 of my photo challenge, I’m nominating Gill from Talking Thailand to join the guessing game. If you haven’t checked out Gill’s site, then do yourself a favour and pop over to Talking Thailand to discover loads of posts with fabulous photos taken in Thailand. Gill lived in this gorgeous part of South East Asia for some years before returning to the UK

Let me know if you can guess where I took this New Year’s Eve photo. Leave a comment below…

Visit Nilla’s Photography for more global images. More posts at Image Earth Travel.


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