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English glimpses to entice you to travel…

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To share a few snippets of incredible countries, the glimpses series started with Chile in South America, then continued with:

Burmese glimpses

Italian Glimpses

These short, sharp travel posts are designed to provide you with just a morsel, a small taste of a country that you may not have visited. Have you explored any of the countries that I’m sharing? I would love to hear about your experience, so share your comment below.

1. Glastonbury

Home of the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world, Glastonbury Festival, steeped in history and legend, mythical Glastonbury is also the home of King Arthur.

The mythical Glastonbury Tor topped by the roofless St Michael’s Tower is in the medieval town of Glastonbury. This imposing tower can be seen from miles around.

Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, United Kingdom, Europe
Glastonbury Tor

If you’re lucky enough, you may even get to volunteer at the Glastonbury Festival.

Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, England, Europe
Glastonbury Festival 2019 (Photo: Neil Lintern)

2. Cornwall

My absolute favourite county in England is Cornwall. I first visited in 1985 and immediately fell in love with this rugged windswept region with super friendly locals that sound like pirates.

Bude, Cornwall, United Kingdom, Europe
Bude sunset

Famous for its stunning coves and beautiful landscapes, quaint villages, a plethora of history, pirates, beaches, surfing, pasties, Cornish cream teas and ice cream, what more do you need when travelling to a destination?

3. Devon

National parks, charming villages, the county that invented cream teas, the oldest working gin distillery, but also holds the oldest bakery in England, Devon is full of delightful surprises.

Devon, Cornwall, United Kingdom, Europe
Captivating Clovelly

Home to the world’s oldest steam engine, Devon is also a great stop for train buffs.

4. Dorset

Acclaimed for its Jurassic coast, Dorset’s coastline is spectacular and offers wonderful long walks.

Jurassic Coast, Dorset, United Kingdom, Europe
Smuggler’s delight

Chesil Beach was once a hot spot for smugglers during the 18th and 19th centuries when smuggling was referred to as “free trading”. The soaring burnt-orange cliffs are an intrinsic part of this dramatic rugged shoreline, which effortlessly paints a picture of its once unsavoury history.

Where in England?

#England, #Glastonbury, #Devon, #Cornwall, #Dorset, United Kingdome, Europe
Map: Google

Did you enjoy this post? Would you prefer more detail about each destination? Are there enough photos?

What country would you like to visit with me next? If I’ve been there, I’ll publish a post just for you, so leave me a comment.

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2 responses to “English Glimpses”

  1. Yetismith Avatar

    My mother was from a tiny village in Wilts. Her sister, brother and mother remained, so I visited often. But I also went further west to a boarding school in Bideford. The dorm was in Northam, not far from Westward Ho! and Clovelly. I spent that first bitterly cold Christmas of ’62 in Ashburton. That was my idea of what Christmas should be, snow falling as we walked through the village to midnight mass (my host was Catholic). South Devon is lovely too and I agree about Cornwall. I had a friend whose grandmother lived near Tintagel. I went down there on one of those very old puffer trains that stopped everywhere. It is one of those minuscule moments of time that I remember so well. Grandmother’s house was old, and down one of those rocky clefts, not far from the sea. I remember rolling in the heather on the moors. Just little bits of my motherland that I treasure. I also got to the Lake District and Yorkshire and loved that as well but I sort of think of myself as a “West Country girl” .

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      I can only imagine how bitterly cold it was. The first time I tried to visit Clovelly, it was pouring rain and very cold. Gave it a miss as the cobblestones would have been dangerously slippery and I wasn’t keen on paying to get into the village. But on the second time, it was lovely and warm so decided to pay the exhorbitent entry fee.
      Loved Tintagel and the Boscastle areas, and have visited a few times.
      My partner is from Glastonbury, so the west country. 😉

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