GPSmyCity Giveaway – 1 Year Free Subscription!

Want a one-year free Premium membership for iOS or Android, in this GPSmyCity giveaway Guided Travel Article App?

The world is open for travel again and GPSmyCity is repeating the giveaway tradition but this time, with a free run of the GPSmyCity mobile app.

Stake out one of the 10 Premium Yearly Memberships of the app, FREE OF CHARGE. Be quick as this offer ends this week, on June 13th.

The membership allows you to use the GPSmyCity app on up to 2 devices for one whole year, without paying.

Collaborating with GPSmyCity for several years, my latest blog post that is now turned into a travel article app is Cosenza Day Trip: Castrovillari, Calabria. Although you can still read this post here on Image Earth Travel, you can also access the post on your Android or iOS devices as your own walking guide, through the GPSmyCity app with offline maps.

What is a GPS-guided Travel Article App?

GPSmyCity’s philosophy is “lose yourself without getting lost.”

A comforting thought?

You can experience self-guided walking tours and explore cities on foot at your leisure, using apps on your iOS or Android. GPSmyCity makes expensive bus tours virtually obsolete. Explore a new city at your own pace and at ease.

GPSmyCity offers thousands of travel articles, offline city maps, and self-guided walking tours in over 1000 cities worldwide.

Check out more than 10,000 self-guided walking tours around the Globe at GPSmyCity. Just pick a city and go!

Screenshot derived from GPSmyCity website

Immerse yourself in inspiring travel articles written by locals and travel writers from all corners of the world. Travel stories and insider tips for your destination guide you to unmissable sights in the article.

You won’t kick yourself later for missing sights, or feel lost while wasting precious holiday time.

I am also pleased to announce that GPSmyCity has turned 33 of my published posts into apps with GPS Maps!

GPSmyCity main features

You will love these main features, which by no means is everything to enjoy with this app:

GPSmyCity map
  • GPS-guided city walks – “lose yourself without getting lost”
  • Create your own self-guided walking tour – 480+ cities worldwide – explore the city of your choice at your own pace
  • Work offline – no Roaming or Data Plan needed
  • Multiple walks in each city – see famous sights and hidden gems
  • Detailed walk route map – Turn-by-turn walking directions
  • Detailed offline city maps – for hundreds of cities worldwide.
  • Location – bookmark on the map
  • Walking directions – precise turn-by-turn walking directions from one sight to another
  • “FindMe” – displays your exact location plus the Auto Tracking feature displays your movement on the map. You always know if you are moving in the right direction (feature not supported by iPod Touch and iPad WiFi-only models)

Why bother with GPSmyCity?

You may be asking yourself this exact question. Why bother when you can read a similar article on a website for free, or read posts on my travel and photography blog for free?

What you need to know is that with the GPSmyCity app, you can create your very own walking tours independently. Or, if this sounds like too much hassle, stick to the well-tried available tours provided in one of the thousands of articles.

Why hop on a time-restrictive, typically expensive, tour bus with a bunch of other tourists? Instead, enjoy a city walk at you’re own leisurely pace. This is possible with the GPSmyCity app and at a fraction of the price that you pay for guided tours.

Latest Image Earth Travel articles featured on GPSmyCity

My latest articles featured on GPSmyCity are available through the iTunes Store or Google Play:

Remote Tarapoto, Peru

Sucre: Bolivia’s Ancient Capital

What I Love about Amazing Arequipa, Peru

Acclimatising in Fabulous Cusco, Peru

Chilling in Beautiful Boston, USA

Peru’s Vibrant Trujillo

Walking Guide: Catanzaro, Calabria’s Capital

Cosenza Day Trip: Reggio Calabria

18 Delectable Dining Haunts in Cosenza, Italy

Cosenza, Calabria: Italy’s Undiscovered City

Discover Tuscany: Siena in One Day

Loving Tuscany’s Lucca

Tuscany’s Pisa – Not All About the Leaning Tower

Ecuador: The Quito Experience

GPSmyCity now features 33 of my travel articles in total, so what are you waiting for?

The nitty-gritty of how GPSmyCity works

Each article is an individual app that you can download for free. An article’s app uses your iPhone or Android’s GPS tracking to chart how you’re going as you venture along your planned path. And, makes sure that you don’t get lost while exploring.

GPSmyCity allows you to download any travel article app for free. You can then read the article at your leisure, without needing access to the Internet or Wi-Fi. Whether in a bus, plane, boat, city museum, meandering along or in a park planning your next exciting adventure, you have access to your article.

Apps work completely offline and without a 5G connection or a data plan. Another excellent bonus is that no roaming charges apply when you travel overseas. Everyone wants to save money while on holiday, right?

GPSmyCity, navigation, walking, tours, working offline
Sight info example (Photo: GPSmyCity)

A couple of examples

(Photos: GPSmyCity)

Check out GPSmyCity’s guided travel article apps for Loads of traveller insights and tips. Let me know below what your thoughts are on the GPSmyCity travel article apps.

How do I claim the one-year premium membership for free?

Easy! Just:

  • Download the GPSmyCity app
  • Go to the Account screen to register your GPSmyCity user account
  • Go to More > Feedback to send an email to GPSmyCity but make sure you include the 28270606 claim code from within the app.
  • After GPSmyCity receives your email, this enables the premium membership on your account to enjoy.

Don’t forget: You must email GPSmyCity the 28270606 claim code WITHIN ONE WEEK of today’s announcement but no later than June 13th

It really is that simple! But, please leave a comment below so I know you succeeded in this great GPSmyCity giveaway.



Disclaimer: I like to keep this website transparent so letting you know that if you do decide to upgrade one of my downloaded travel articles at some point in the future, GPSmyCity provides me with a small kickback. Although this won’t make me rich, it does help to offset the costs of maintaining this Image Earth Travel website – many thanks. 🙂

Visit Nilla’s Photography for global images. More global posts at Image Earth Travel.

Note: All photos by Nilla’s Photography unless otherwise mentioned. No part of this post was composed with the help of ChatGPT or AI.


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