Wordless Wednesday: Solitude

Starting the #WordlessWednesday photography challenge for a few weeks while I revamp this website.

Arequipa, Peru, South America

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Note: All photos by Nilla’s Photography unless otherwise mentioned. No part of this post was composed with the help of ChatGPT or AI.


16 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Solitude”

  1. equinoxio21 Avatar

    Ok. Arequipa it is. Home of Vargas Llosa if I recall?

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Indeed it is…you read a previous comment.

  2. equinoxio21 Avatar

    Well done. La Republica… Hmmm. Where would that be? Not Italy. Argentina? Spain?

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Hi Brian, this was in a tiny cafe in Arequipa, Peru. This chap caught my eye and I had to take this photo in B&W. 😉

      1. equinoxio21 Avatar

        A very good one. 👏🏻

      2. Image Earth Travel Avatar
  3. Toonsarah Avatar

    Fantastic shot! And I’m curious to see what your website revamp results in …

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Thank you Sarah! Right now, it’s giving me a massive headache as nothing is working. Lucky I created a staging site.

      1. Toonsarah Avatar

        Yes, thank goodness for staging sites! Good luck with it all.

      2. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        Thanks, Sarah.
        I’m not having any luck with it the past few days but I’ll persevere as this isn’t the first site I’ve built. The videos always make it look so simple to change a theme.

  4. 100 Country Trek Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this idea..we visited there in Peru too but you loved your time there. Anita

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Thanks Anita and yes, loved the 10 months in South America, but it was too long ago now in 2011.

      1. 100 Country Trek Avatar

        Thanks ❤️

      2. Image Earth Travel Avatar

        No problem. 🙂

  5. Yetismith Avatar

    Great shot. Do old men still read papers in Italy? I once got a picture of a man reading a paper while waiting in a rain shower. He was apparently unaware of the raui drop on the end of his nose. I think it was in Pakistan.

    1. Image Earth Travel Avatar

      Hi, no this was taken in a cosy tiny coffee shop in Arequipa, Peru.
      I’d love to see that image of the man in Pakistan. Is it on your blog somewhere?

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