• Calabrian Glimpses

    Calabrian Glimpses

    Glimpses of southern Italy’s spectacular Calabrian region… #Italy #Calabria #Lorica #Altilia #CoriglianoCalabro #Pizzo ➡️

  • Italian Glimpses

    Italian Glimpses

    Take a peek at these Italian glimpses to entice a little travel. #Italy #Calabria #CinqueTerre #Sicily #Genoa ➡️

  • Festivals in Cosenza, Italy

    Festivals in Cosenza, Italy

    Each year, Cosenza’s local and unique festivals draw inquisitive crowds from around Calabria in southern Italy. Have you been? ➡️

  • Fabulous Festivals: Cosenza, Calabria

    Fabulous Festivals: Cosenza, Calabria

    A profusion of fabulous festivals awaits when visiting the city of Cosenza, in Italy’s beautiful southern region of Calabria… ➡️

  • Exploring Italy’s Corigliano Calabro

    Exploring Italy’s Corigliano Calabro

    Exploring southern Italy’s gorgeous Corigliano Calabro in the untouched region of Calabria is a delight, and here’s why… ➡️

  • Cosenza Day Trip: Sibari, Calabria

    Cosenza Day Trip: Sibari, Calabria

    Just under an hour’s drive from the city of Cosenza in southern Italy’s Calabria region, holds the captivating and relatively unknown (to foreigners) archaeological park and its museum in the small town of Sibari. ➡️

  • Genoa, Italy – Part 2

    Genoa, Italy – Part 2

    With Genoa’s impressive landmarks, American born writer Henry James also described this port city as ‘The most winding and incoherent of cities’. ➡️

  • Around Calabria, Southern Italy

    Around Calabria, Southern Italy

    Southern Italy’s Calabria region offers an abundance of fantastic sights for even the most discerning traveller… ➡️

  • Eternal Venice, Italy

    Eternal Venice, Italy

    With little change in six hundred years, 435 bridges still link 121 islands, which still provides endless waterways and walkways (calli), to explore eternal Venice by boat or on foot. ➡️