• 4 Years a Traveller

    4 Years a Traveller

    March 2014 – March 2018 Has it really been 4 years travelling since leaving Australia? I’m on the road again… ➡️

  • Liebster Award Nomination Number 3

    Liebster Award Nomination Number 3

    January, 2018 What an excellent way to kick off 2018 than with a Liebster Award nomination, my third so far… ➡️

  • Unique Blogger Award nomination

    Unique Blogger Award nomination

    Surprised to be nominated for the Unique Blogger Award! ➡️

  • Versatile Blogger Award nomination

    Versatile Blogger Award nomination

    March, 2017 Very surprised to receive the Versatile Blogger Award nomination from whitneyibeblog, so very humbling and many thanks for the nomination. ➡️

  • Liebster Award Nomination Number 2

    Liebster Award Nomination Number 2

    A great surprise to be nominated for another Liebster Award! ➡️

  • Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

    Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

    September 2016 Not only is it pretty cool when a fellow blogger stops by and takes the time to read your posts, but it’s pretty excellent when someone takes the time to nominate you for an… ➡️

  • One Lovely Blog Award!

    One Lovely Blog Award!

    August, 2016 I just received a nomination for the One Lovely Blog Award! As it took me many months to respond to past awards, thought I would get on to this one straight away. ➡️

  • Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

    Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

    January, 2016 As it is almost a year since first going live with my Image Earth Travel site, I’ve decided to catch up with wonderful awards that other bloggers nominated my site for last year, such… ➡️

  • The Liebster Award!

    The Liebster Award!

    January, 2016 Many thanks to Street Art Rat for the Liebster Award nomination! If you haven’t done so already, check out this fantastic cool site with amazing street art from around the globe. ➡️

  • Infinity Dreams Award…

    Infinity Dreams Award…

    January, 2016 A special thanks to thegreyeye – Life as we see it, for the Infinity Dreams Award nomination, which is my first award. ➡️