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Calabria villages, southern Italy, Europe

Calabria: 5 Secret Villages

Southern Italy’s untouched Calabria is bursting with beautiful villages (Borghi) – unearth these 5 secret villages…

Bowler hats, Bolivia, South America

Bolivia’s Bowler Hats

Unique bowler hats have been an intrinsic part of the indigenous Aymara and Quechua (‘Cholitas’) women’s attire in Bolivia, since the 1920s.

modern Malaysia, SE Asia

Modern Malaysia

Modern Malaysia is “always under construction” – an apt sentiment from a local and here’s why…

Cherating, Kota Bharu, Malaysia, SE Asia

Kota Bharu and Cherating, Malaysia

After a relaxing stop at Jerantut sampling the local cuisine and some R&R, heading to Kota Bharu via Wakaf Bharu in Malaysia’s north-east, then south again via the coast to sleepy Cherating.

Jerantut, Malaysia, SE Asia

Central Malaysia: Jerantut Stop-over

Escape the heavily worn tourist track in central Malaysia and indulge in an authentic experience with welcoming locals in Jerantut – you will love the laid-back pace of this town.


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