• Top 7 Free Attractions in Singapore

    Top 7 Free Attractions in Singapore

    In one of the world’s most expensive cities, you can still enjoy these top 8 attractions in Singapore for free! ➡️

  • Splendour at Raffles Long Bar, Singapore

    Splendour at Raffles Long Bar, Singapore

    Can you visit Singapore without visiting the legendary iconic Raffles Hotel and Long Bar? ➡️

  • Singapore Sequel

    Singapore Sequel

    Use this Singapore Sequel travel guide for free transport tips, where to sleep and great cheap places to eat, which will save you money, when travelling to this bustling multicultural metropolis. ➡️

  • Returning to Singapore?

    Returning to Singapore?

    Is it worth returning to Singapore? Absolutely! Here’s why… ➡️

  • Goodbye Kalimantan and Indonesia

    Goodbye Kalimantan and Indonesia

    Kalimantan’s low-key and untouched regions offer snaking rivers, remote jungle, and stunning coastal swamps, but it’s time to say goodbye to Kalimantan and Indonesia! ➡️

  • Magical Malacca, Malaysia

    Magical Malacca, Malaysia

    Magical Malacca is one of Malaysia’s popular tourist destinations, but don’t let this stop you from exploring this unique and vibrant city… ➡️

  • Singapore Swingers

    Singapore Swingers

    Geylang is a district renowned as a seedy, swinging and vibrant part of Singapore – our dodgy hotel is in the middle of this district. ➡️